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Darren Sharper could face in prison

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, former NFL safety Darren Sharper and an accomplice are wanted on two counts of aggravated rape. New Orleans police issued arrest warrants on Thursday.

This comes just one week after Sharper stood before a judge in California and pled not guilty to a felony charge of drugging and raping two women.

Throughout the past few weeks, Sharper has been accused of raping at least eight women in five different states.

If Sharper is convicted on either aggravated rape charge in Louisiana then he could be spending his life behind bars. Anyone convicted of aggravated rape in the state of Louisiana is given a “mandatory life sentence without benefit of parole.”

Sharper continues to say he is innocent, but it is hard to ignore all of the allegations against him and if he is found guilty of any of the crimes then he will be spending his time behind bars which is where he will deserve to be.

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  • Mikey John

    Put him in the same cell as Aaron Hernandez. Enough.

    • Jym Tu PHi

      so if you have money and or Public Figure and someone tries to use that Against you through blackmail you automatically lose tour employment. lawyer fees. your family. legacy. And that’s just one way a person could destroy another’s Character Name Wealth and Generally Health. So Dont ‘ve so Quick To Bang That Gavel Judge MikeyJohn

      • Mikey John

        There’s too many charges to escape from.

    • largesse

      Yeah, put them BOTH in jail right now, without a trial, and then you can be mad about O.J. Simpson for 20 MORE years!

  • jzgames11

    He should be in a cell with bubba , and bubba loves his salad tossed.

  • gsdgsdg

    Football players are pathetic

  • Sanityisrare

    why ???…

    • Robert Jackson

      Why?? Cause, America. THATS why!

  • jamesbondone

    An allegation does not mean guilty! Let’s wait until the evidence is presented.

    • eagles fly

      Dang shame!

  • Nascent22

    At some of those might be false…frivolous charges get filed all the time and some women DO lie about that…but if he’s actually guilty of just ONE of those rapes, he needs to be sent up for life…no question.

  • Jym Tu PHi

    sounds Like Someone With Power Has It Out For Him.. I Don’t know The Man But This Seems More Bizarre Than Real. This man has Been Threw All Relms Of Society playing in the Nfl must have been good in college and high school. my point being no shortage of women. no prior charges before this string of events.. Yeees I’m Suspicious but of different reasons than other’s. I will look further into this

    • DennisAOK

      There have been numerous charges by many women over a period of several years.

    • FranchiseSIX5 .

      Where did you learn how to write? It’s atrocious. That whole English thing is lost on you. Capitalizing random words, bad grammar and run on sentences. Yikes. Stick to making me some rice, man.

  • Douglas Merrill

    It’s all a joke if you have money, look at Kobe, bought his way out of trouble!