NBA Buyout Rumors: Miami Heat interested in signing Metta World Peace?

Nov 10, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks small forward Metta World Peace (51) advances the ball during the first quarter against the San Antonio Spurs at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Nov 10, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks small forward Metta World Peace (51) advances the ball during the first quarter against the San Antonio Spurs at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat may be the defending world champions, but they’re not a February free agent destination apparently. While the team is poised to make a run at the hallowed three-peat,  free agent veterans who have recently been bought out aren’t flocking to Miami like we thought they would.

Miami’s lack of free agency activity dates back to Andrew Bynum signing with the Indiana Pacers over the Heat and goes up to as recently as both Danny Granger and Caron Butler deciding against signing with the Heat as well. But while they’re striking out so far, they may still have eyes on bought out veterans who may be able to help them.

This has led many to ponder the idea of the Heat signing Metta World Peace to a 10-day contract.

Per Basketball Insiders:

He has cleared waivers and is now an unrestricted free agent, but teams aren’t lining up to sign him. World Peace would like to join the Miami HEAT, Oklahoma City Thunder or San Antonio Spurs. However, Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News says that the Spurs aren’t interested, so that removes one team from World Peace’s wish list. It remains to be seen if Miami or OKC have any interest.

Miami isn’t a lock to sign Metta World Peace, nor are they possibly even considering. But they’re running out of options and World Peace may be the only option for the Heat.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    Miami will not sign Metta , if they do it will proved what i have been saying for years, that Pat “burned out light bulb” Riley is nothing more than an idiot, who lucked into a few opportunities to build his name… For years Pat “dim-witt” Riley had the one thing to do, get the team some inside help… the players did the hard part…they took a lot less money to form the big 1.75 and still that idiot Pat “my best days are behind me ” Riley could not get it done.!
    Danny was not going to sign with the Heat anyway, but the onlky thing i was hear, we dont want Granger, we don’t want Granger, well guess what? you did not get Granger or Butler either… let this be a lesson to players don’t burn bridges… your enemy today could be protecting your back tomorrow… i also heard Butler was this great guy, it was expected he was going to Miami, but then, not not only did he turn down the Heat, but went to the Heats main rival, this should tell you, that Caron is all about Caron and no one else…..

  • kutz19

    Why would they want a cancer like bynum in the mix, he hasnt done anything in two seasons and wont contribute for the rest of the year. The heat are devoted to small ball and dont want a big slow 7 footer as a starter when they now have a 3 point shooting bosh. Clearly championships dont matter to you because as far as im concerned, the team that riley has put on the floor has back to back championships. Who is gonna guard bosh on the outside? Roy Hibbert(the average center who only does good against the heat) thats why they broughti n oden to play rough in the paint for 15 minutes a game. Real fans dont want bynum because all he will be is the next eddie curry on a championship caliber team…nothing

    • Real M-Fing talk !!!

      Please, tell me that you are not this stupid… you only play dumb on the internet…
      first of all Pat “oil slick” Riley did not form crap, where do you people get this notion from.. it’s THE PLAYERS whom decided to play together and things fell into place from there… do you think Ray “i cost boston a championship” Allen would be in Miami if not for Lebron, Wade etc..
      Also let me see if i understand you correctly…. you believe it’s an advantage for the Heat to have Chris “i survived extinction” Bosh taking 20 foot jumpers while West, Hibbert, Bynum are laying up, dunking the ball, getting EVERY defensive rebound and a few offensive boards as well.

      If Chris “Mekaneck” Bosh is a major asset … WHERE WAS Chris “i went potty” Bosh IN GAME 7 when the HEAT needed him… i will tell you getting ZERO points, if his jumper is not falling Chris “i need directions to the paint” Bosh becomes an even greater Liability…

      The only reason the Miami is getting away with winning this way is BECAUSE OF LEBRON….period… one person SHOULD NEVER lead your team in Scoring, Rebounding, Assist and be your teams best defender from the small forward position….. Tell me what other team in the ENTIRE NBA has a player doing all that for his team, a lot of people are not doing their jobs from Pat “screw the middle east, i can give you a better rate on oil” Riley straight down…So please spare me the hog wash the media and the Heat tells you, i actually watch with my eyes, listen with my ears and draw my own conclusions not what someone tells me…..

      Pat “i only had one thing to do in 4 years and i screwed that up” Riley has done nothing … period…. It’s a rare talent like Lebron had to endure almost ten years of A crap G.M. in Danny “i still don’t know how i got that job” Ferry and owner in Cleveland and now he has to deal with Pat “my name is not Novak” Riley… and i didnt ignore you Bynum argument, it just makes me laugh when we actually think we know these players based on a few thing we see or hear and gets played over and over again in the media…. you don’t know them so don’t act like you do….

      • Heat

        You should get that hate checked out…
        3 words BACK TO BACK..

        • Real M-Fing talk !!!

          Actually dumb Azz, Cleveland was winning 60+ games
          a year, Bosh made the playoff once in Toronto, and crapped his big boy
          pants ever other year…. wade had one good run, Pat “i belong out to
          pastures” Riley did crap… it all center on Lebron joining the Heat…
          WADE, is easily replaced i would take guys like harden over D-”i cannot
          make a jumper without throwing myself on the floor like a 2 year old”
          Wade , and i will not mention how many other players i would take over
          Chris “soft marshmallow Azz” Bosh !

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