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Feb 24, 2014; Indianapolis, IN,South Carolina Gamecock Jadevon Clowney runs the shuttle during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Lattimore on Jadeveon Clowney: 'I don't understand why you wouldn't take him No. 1'

As the 2014 NFL Draft draws nearer, we’re going to hear a lot of thoughts on some of the top picks, especially from some of the people that know them best. One of those top picks this year is South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, and on Saturday, former teammate–and San Francisco 49ers running back–Marcus Lattimore offered up his thoughts on some of the criticisms of his former field mate.

In speaking to Sirius XM NFL Radio, Lattimore put to bed any concerns that people might have about Clowney’s work ethic, one of the main concerns from some experts.


“He loves football,” Lattimore said of Clowney. “That guy loves football and that’s why he’s striving to be great. Once he gets around those veteran guys — say he gets around J.J. Watt, he’s going to see all the success he’s had, and all his practice habits, and what he has to do, he’s going to feed on that and he’s going to be fine.”

Then, as with some experts out there, Lattimore tried to make sense as to why the Houston Texans would even think about passing up on Clowney with the top pick this May, something that he couldn’t find an answer for.

“After that 40 time, and just the athlete he is, I don’t see why he wouldn’t go No. 1,” Lattimore said. “I mean, why would you pass on a guy that can impact your team from Day One? He’s a freak athlete, he can run like a deer and he’s powerful, and he can get to the quarterback. It just makes perfect sense — I don’t understand why you wouldn’t take him No. 1.”

Although we’re still a ways away from seeing who will ultimately be the number one pick, it’s still up in the air as of this moment, so these guys need all the endorsements they can get.

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