Aug. 18, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) throws a pass against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the second half at MetLife Stadium. Jets win 37-13. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Minnesota Vikings interested in signing Mark Sanchez?

The quarterback situation in Minnesota couldn’t have been any worse as they had three quarterbacks who were all running under the title of ‘starting caliber’ despite the fact that only one of them showed any sort of talent. It seemed nothing could have made the Vikings quarterback situation worse but blogger Ben Goessling may have found a way.

Goessling suggests that Mark Sanchez could be a name to keep an eye on when it comes to finding a bridge quarterback for the Vikings in 2014.

 One name to keep an eye on is Mark Sanchez, who seems likely to be released by the Jets before they have to pay him a $2 million roster bonus on March 25. Sanchez’s numbers aren’t any better than Christian Ponder’s, but he has been to two AFC Championship Games (though admittedly with better defenses than Ponder’s had).Sanchez is only 27, and if the Vikings aren’t going to bring back Cassel, they might look in his direction before they consider some of the other names in this thin group of free agent QBs.

It’s as though the Vikings are trying to assemble an Expendables style roster of talentless, washed up quarterbacks looking for another paycheck. Sanchez has shown flashes, let’s be fair, but Vikings fans likely won’t be too thrilled if the new regime’s answer at quarterback at Mark Sanchez .

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  • Victor streetz

    please don’t sign that scrub I really want them to sign Michael Vick…

    • Erik Hertwig

      Sign a washed up former Eagle QB in a year they need to draft one? Been there; seen that.

  • David Mallow

    I am not against this as much as most people will be. I think he has some upside and could do well with some weapons, unlike the nobodies he had in NY (except Santonio Holmes) Here he will have Patterson, Jennings, Wright and Rudolph along with the best RB in the game AD in the backfield. He is a huge upgrade over Ponder,plus they can focus on the defense in the draft and grab a QB later rather than early where the risk is far too high for Spielman and the future of this franchise to reach again. Worth a shot in my opinion

  • David Mallow

    Vick is washed up, NO MORE RECYCLED QBS THAT ARE OLD………Sanchez is better than Vick at this point of their careers….And how is he a scrub?he played well for a bit considering Rex Ryan is a terrible coach and they have no offense whatsoever. Vick had tons of talent around him and still sucked, when he wasnt getting hurt every other snap.HES DONE

    • Victor streetz

      you obviously don’t know nothing about football have u watched mark play QB he is horrible!! Vick is still very mobile and has a rocket arm he play’s very good when he has a great TE to throw to and we have that in Kyle in today’s NFL u need a mobile QB…

      • David Mallow

        Mobile?are you watching the same Mike Vick? dude was on his back or on the sideline t the last few years. He is extremely fragile at his OLD age. The mobility is gone bro, if you want to admit it or not, it is GONE!!!!I don’t want Sanchez either but of the two, RIGHT NOW he is better than Vick. Vick is hurt every 3 dropbacks… And I know more about football than most. Just because you are in love with Vick don’t mean I know nothing about football. VICK SUCKS AND IS COMPLETELY WASHED UP. …. GET OVER IT

  • Ken Tomlin

    Not excited about either Vick or Sanchez. If I HAD to choose, I’d go Sanchez. Only cuz he’s younger. Heard a rumor, that the Texans are looking at trying to sign Cassel in FA. If so, they’d almost certainly release Schaub. I know he had a bad year last year, but over the last few years( not including last) he’s averaged over 3000+ yds passing and 25+ TD passes. Anyone think that might be an option, if we sign him to a contract similar to the 1Cassel signed last yr? 4-6 mil a yr with option out after this yr. I think that might be a better option than either Vick or Sanchez. What do you all think?

    • David Mallow

      My only problem with Schaub is he had talent all around him in Houston and still failed. I know he has talent but don’t know if he still knows how to use it, he completely collapsed last year. But my opinion is that as you said, bring him in on a1 year deal with an option for the 2nd. Absolutely would make sense, Turner could save his career

  • Clint Ronnenberg

    Josh is obviously only interested in trashing the Vikings at every opportunity. Is this your career goal? Vikings antagonist? This bias makes his writing not worth reading in the future.