Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields (37) throws the ball into the stands after an interception in the fourth quarter against Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin (19) at AT&T Stadium. The Packers beat the Cowboys 37-36. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Packers trying to give Sam Shields less than $6 million?

Green Bay Packers corner-back Sam Shields will be testing the free agency market this off-season.

Shields is coming off a career year when it comes to combined tackles, as he was able to record 61 in 2013 in what may be his final year with the Green Bay Packers. He tied his career high in interceptions with four.

The four year veteran had an interception in two key games this year for the Packers. He had one in that come from behind victory against the Dallas Cowboys that helped keep his team in the hunt for the NFC North, then against the Chicago Bears in that Week 17 match up that decided the division champion.

Now Shields played a huge role with this Packers defense, so what exactly is he worth to this team? You would have to think he’s going to be receiving a lot of interest from teams in the league, even the Chicago Bears will give him a look.

But according to Ian Rapoport on Twitter, it appears that the Packers are going to try to give him a deal that would be less than $6 million annually.

Will Sam Shields end up re-signing with the Green Bay Packers before March 11th? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • Al Dante

    Shields agent leaked the amount so other teams now know what to offer if interested. Aslo starts the bidding war if any. I don’t see a lot of interest in him.

    • Phillip

      You must not see a lot of football than. A 26 year old old CB who runs 4.3 that is actually a solid man coverage corner, has tons of upside and potential, that’s been getting better year by year and that could become a top 10 CB, Shields will have tons of interest and it’s almost a definite that he won’t be back in GB if they let him the market, especially if they aren’t willing to go higher than under 6 per. There will be a handful of CB needy teams that will get into a bidding war and drive Shields price even higher than he’s asking. This is a major mistake for a team that’s suppose to be building a defense for Aaron Rodgers and the offense, but letting Shields walk is taking another step backwards, building cost money, sounds like TT isn’t building, just trying to rebuild once again.

      • Multibeast

        The free agent corner market is saturated. Shield’s will re-sign with the Pack at 5.5 to 6 mil after he finds out what the market is. Just like James Jones did a couple years ago.

  • David Hofstedt

    Thompson lowed balled him, what else is new. Since the Packers got eliminated from the Playoffs MM has been giving lip service like usual that the Packers MUST get faster on defense and get Capers the type of players he needs. Shields is one of the fastest players in the NFL so once again MM talk is just that, TALK.

    • Phillip

      That’s exactly right. If Tramon is worth paying 7.5 next season, Shields was definitely worth at least a 7-7.5 a year offer if that’s a # that could have kept him in GB. Offering under 6 is disappointing to hear as a fan and in my eyes kind of insulting to Sam Shields cause everybody knows he was worth more than that with his age, talent, speed n upside that he still has. TT messed up not giving him a deal last season, he could of had him for what he wants him for now, if not even less. I wonder if TT is Jewish

      • David Hofstedt

        I don’t know about you Phillip or other Packers fans but I’m so tired of Ted T ways. In a game of what have you done for me lately TT hasn’t done much. I know there’s those that I call “Homer Fans”, been guilty of it once or twice myself, where you defend TT and the Packers to the very end! But now, man unless he drastically makes some moves in FA, has a draft close to last year where we actually had more than one player make a impact, this defense is going to be horrible. Under contract right on the DL they have Datone Jones, Mike Daniels, Josh Boyd, and Worthy, that’s it! I don’t know about you but that doesn’t make me very comfortable!!

  • holmesmmd

    Epic fail. Shields should be the FA priority of GB, period!He actually was a shut down corner much of last year in a division with very talented receivers! WTF was Thompson thinking?Let me guess….they want to take some rook in the draft who will require 3-4 years to learn the defense and the NFL game? If not, who can replace Shield’s speed, experience, and talent? Why would you take a FA from another team to replace him when you already know what you have in Shields? I really have no idea what these guys are doing but if they allow him to go to another team, the secondary is screwed. TT should also know by now that seldom do you resolve a situation like this by allowing other teams that are by definition “in need”, to set a player’s market value accurately. If anything, it gets artificially inflated because of bidding wars and then you may not even have the ability to make a counter offer that is even close! I have no idea what these guys were thinking. They could have easily offered him a 4 year deal of 6.25 million/ yr with a decent portion of guaranteed money. Now, because of the Grimes deal in Miami, they won’t be able to talk to him for less than 7-7.5 million! Well don TT….well done.God, if we were seriously offering Raji 8 million a year for doing nothing for 2 years, how do you not offer Shields at least a million less a year and get the deal done? Incredible!:(