Buccaneers new uniform looks like alarm clock

Credit: Nike

Credit: Nike

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have unveiled new uniforms and it seems like most of the Twitterverse isn’t finding them very attractive. At first I saw a lot of people commenting that they resembled XFL uniforms, but now they’re zeroing in on another piece of the uniform, the numbers.

They’ve pointed out that they resemble an alarm clock, though who even has one of those anymore and doesn’t use their cell phone as an alarm clock.




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  • Keetoosya

    Yep! Hate the Alarm Clock numbers but also hate the red jerseys! The color scheme and design is atrocious! The white jersey ( except for the digital alarm clock numbers) aren’t that bad.
    The red jerseys also have white reflective material outlining the numbers. Are they thinking a player might walk home in his uniform at night along Dale Mabry Ave.? Hmm….