Feb 15, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Atlanta Hawks former player Dominique Wilkins speaks after the 2013 basketball hall of fame finalists press conference at the Hilton Americas. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Dominique Wilkins wasn’t fan of LeBron James’ 61-point performance

Atlanta Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins is a pretty nice guy, but goodness does he hold some strong opinions.

Case in point? His devaluing of LeBron James‘ 61-point night in the Miami Heat’s Monday night victory over the Charlotte Bobcats.

Granted, the Bobcats aren’t exactly a defensive juggernaut and LeBron’s stats were padded a bit, but I’m not exactly sure that should take away what James did – be it against the lowly Bobcats or not.

Wilkins though? Well, he wasn’t impressed as he rifled off multiple reasons as to why James’ night wasn’t all that and suggested we give praise to Al Jefferson for his solid numbers.

In fairness to ‘Nique, he did say he wasn’t trying to hate on James and was rather suggesting that he only had to play one side of the ball. Wilkins suggested that James would have found much more difficulty doing that against a player like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or even Wilkins himself as he would have been forced to play defense.

He has a point, but, I’m not really sure it was needed.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    Any time you have to clarify something before you say it…. chances are you should NOT say it… i am not a racist BUT…. i am not a sexiest BUT…. i am not a hater BUT… lol…. what is with these bitter old men, your time has passed, you had your time to shine no one hated on Dominique in his prime… i could picture Nique watching the game last night and ever 3 Lebron hit was like a dagger in his bitter heart…

    Nique forgets Lebron is 6’8 over 250 lbs… Jordan would not guard Lebron, Pippen, Grant or Rodman would, because Lebron would take Jordan in the post all game.. and two he would blow pass bird every time bird tired to D-up Lebron, it would be hard for Bird to get a shot off with Lebron in his face… Lebron would guard bird too close because there is zero threat of Bird taking Lebron off the dribble , ..

    So Nique because you failed countless amount of times against those players it doesn’t mean it would be the same for Lebron, because if he retired today…he is already a better player than you ever were, so i can see why you hate Lebron so much… Just so you know the Bobcats are not weak on defense… they are ranked 5th in FG%… 7th in points allowed.. their name might suggest “sucks” but their defense clearly does not… By the way, Durant played the same team a day prior and went 8-24 from the field, 0-6 from 3pt range….scoring 28 pts

    And to say Lebron was stat padding is assassin, why… because Lebron’s entire career has been built on getting teammates involved…. and you do not go for 60 every night, so his team wanted him to reach that 60pt mark… like when Chalmers hit 10 three it’s a rare night so why not keep him in the game…. the game before Lebron sat out the 4th quarter only scoring 20 pts…. he could have stat padded if he was really into scoring stats… if Lebron stays healthy he will score over 40, 000 points (may pass Kareem) 10 ,000 rebounds and 10, 000 assist…. this coming from a pass first guy

    so if i were you Dominque, i would take all you grainy black and white highlight films … that would be lay up drills to Lebron’s brilliance over to Jordan house and you guys watch them together and tearfully remanist while while mixing up a giant jug of “HATERADE” although it taste bitter there is nothing to do but enjoy it, because the King is not going anywhere for now !

  • FLR

    kobe had 81 no one critisized him cause he is a better scorer and thats something no one could decides Wilt

    • Carjax

      Yes…that’s all Kobe does do…is shoot the ball. Bron distributes the ball and rebounds. Makes his teammates better. Kobe is a ball hog.

  • Carjax

    Hey Nique’, the lowly Bobcats whooped up on the Pacers tonight…what do you have to say about that??