Dec 29, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham (80) reacts against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the first half of a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Jimmy Graham to holdout on New Orleans Saints

The Jimmy Graham situation took a comical turn yesterday when ESPN’s Adam Schefter suggested that the tight end could be traded to the Green Bay Packers or Seattle Seahawks, but things got real on Tuesday when it became known that Graham plans on holding out on the Saints until his contract situation is resolved.

According to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, Graham won’t report to the Saints until the issue of his contract and the fact that he was franchise tagged is worked out.

Graham wasn’t too pleased about being tagged as a tight end last week ahead of the franchise tag deadline, but there is still time to work out a deal with the Saints before his one-year deal becomes finalized. There is hope on both sides — particularly among fans — that Graham will re-sign but New Orleans has been reluctant to give him the wide receiver money he covets and that could lead to issues down the road that possibly even results in Graham’s exit from New Orleans.

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  • Rod

    here’s the truth…he’s top three TIGHT ENDs (and that’s no small feat)…an elite reciever in the game but that’s also a reflection of the talent around him (which the saints do have though underscored last year)…but the saints won a superbowl with less and a weaker defense compared the one they have now…Graham should remember what team gave him an opportunity when he had nothing and nobody interested in signing him…he should also consider what team would be willing to sign him that he could flourish in…he is also a product of the Saint’s offensive scheme…he should then consider that of the money he will be offered contractually by another team…how much of it is he REALLY going to see? $8-9 mil a year for 5-6 years living comfortably with a franchise that has shown it will be loyal to its players as long as it can (evidenced by Will Smith, Deuce McCallister, Vilma, Harper, the O-line, and receivers)…and have a realistic possibility to get a ring…or take the risk of overpaying your overzealous agent and going to a team that likely won’t see a superbowl ring and will pay you so much they can’t afford to build the rest of the team to field a decent squad…

    I understand completely that this league makes more money than ANY other domestic sport and players do deserve the high salary (especially if they stand out as elite)…but until the CBA and the league can iron out a higher Cap amount, players need to stop listening to greedy agents and do the RIGHT THING…legacy can’t be determined by a dollar amount but greed to take away from it…If he can’t wake up, then the Saints are doing the right thing with the unrestricted tag…get value for him and win without him…which the can do…

    • octavia a henry

      Well said they are money hungry and self-sinnered (selfish).