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Saints GM on Jimmy Graham: I’m sure we’ll get something resolved

There could be a stand off looming between the New Orleans Saints and tight end Jimmy Graham now that the league’s management council is claiming that he is definitely a tight end, but Saints general manager Mickey Loomis still appears confident that something will be able to work out between the two sides.

Loomis has said that he believes everything will be working out between the team and their franchise tight end, and that a long-ter contract could still be reached.

“These negotiations are always a process, and Jimmy’s been a great player for us for the last four years,” Loomis said, via SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“Look, I had hoped and I’m sure he had hoped we’d come to some conclusion on a longer-term deal before this.  But we haven’t yet, and hopefully we will. . . .  We’ll just let it play out, and I’m sure we’ll get something resolved.”

New Orleans would obviously like to keep Drew Brees’ favorite target happy and continue using Graham for the future, but if he wants to attempt to find a way to receive the receiver tag everything could get ugly.

Hopefully there will be no worse case scenario for the Saints and Graham, and right now it looks like they will be able to put all of their differences aside.

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