December 9, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers former head coach Jon Gruden talks during the presentation of the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Super Bowl Champions during halftime against the Philadelphia Eagles at Raymond James Stadium. The Eagles won 23-21. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Does a Jon Gruden endorsement mean anything anymore?

ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” analyst and former NFL head coach Jon Gruden is going to have his next installment of “Gruden’s QB Camp” in the next few weeks to feature the top quarterback prospects in this years’ draft.

This will actually be his fifth season for the show for ESPN. When I first read that I had to look it up. People have been watching Jon Gruden break down quarterback prospects for four years already? His show won’t air until the end of March into April but his reviews of Johnny Manziel have already come out. He gives the former Texas A&M quarterback “high remarks”. My biggest question is does that even mean anything?

Jon Gruden makes for good TV, especially on ESPN. He’s a walking catch-phrase. But take a look back at his coaching career, which is getting father and farther away in the rear view mirror by the way, and see if he displayed any talents on recognizing or developing young quarterbacks. How many young quarterbacks did Gruden coach like Chris Simms and Luke McCown? And when Gruden was successful as a coach, wasn’t it with veterans like Jeff Garcia and Rich Gannon?

I kid Gruden because it’s just too easy. He’s been in the broadcasting booth so long that it seems as though his coaching prowess has grown more in legend than in actuality. Hell, I’d bet the Cleveland Browns would fire Mike Pettine and Rob Chudzinski a second time if they thought they had a chance at luring Gruden to the sidelines.

So when Jon Gruden says that Johnny Manziel has somehow matured completely after spending only two years starting in college and will become the next Steve Young in spite of being so small I could probably fit him in my purse and is also the same guy who said that Brandon Weeden is a “winner” I can take it for what it’s worth, good TV.

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  • Justin Jay

    I met him in an airport and talked with him for 15 minutes. Nice dude. Taller than I thought he would be. I agree with you though. I think he’s just saying things now to make good TV. It’s like Ron Jaworski a bit. People say he’s great at breaking down film, and he is. However, he purposely stretches to make the case for players. A MNF two years ago where the Chiefs played the Steelers, he said Chiefs QB Tyler Palko had what it takes to be a star in the NFL. Palko had already been released from two teams before coming to KC. He was awful in Training Camp yet still made the team. Then Cassel goes down and Jaworski says he can be a star and he really likes “this Palko kid?”
    ESPN doesn’t promote the right people enough. Eric Mangini has been damn good for them, but doesn’t get the same play Gruden does. Truth is, Mangini should be coaching. Gruden, well… you just don’t really know. But Gruden’s word is higher because he worked with an established Dungy team and Mangini had to fix the Jets and Browns