Kirk Cousins would teach gay teammate to ‘follow Jesus’

At a time where the NFL and the viewing public are preparing for the possibility of an openly gay player joining a league locker room, players around the NFL are being asked their thoughts about welcoming a gay teammate and how they believe it would impact the chemistry of the franchise.

For Washington Redskins back up quarterback Kirk Cousins, the gay teammate would be welcomed, but he would prefer to teach some life lessons to the player who joins the team.

“W’d welcome him into our locker room and say come help us win, and hopefully I can love him like Jesus and hopefully show him what it means to follow Jesus,” Cousins told

It is nice to see that the comments were not aggressively offensive, but Cousins should focus more on helping his team win on the field than directing a man to follow his beliefs.

We are all individuals and can do as we choose and in the locker room there is only one book to follow — the playbook.

As long as a player like Michael Sam could do that well, he should be welcomed with open arms.

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  • johnbuoy

    So, I guess he’s spent the earlier part of his career teaching his drug-taking, hoe-mongering teammates the joys of Jesus? Of course not, but then they aren’t gay, so their sins are ok by most; especially in this field.

  • Russ LaPeer

    He did not say “teach,” he said “show” — as in demonstrate. What people fail — or don’t want — to understand is that for the Christian, the command to communicate the good new (gospel) of Jesus is an intrinsic essential of Christianity. So, in fact, during his exceptional college career, Cousins was a continuous example of Christ to his teammate, friends, classmates, fellow-students — those with many different sins, problems, sufferings, etc. One can disagree; but when intellectual honesty is discarded, one loses credible hearing.