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NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears agree to terms with Jeremiah Ratliff

You might also know him as Jay Ratliff. The Chicago Bears agreed to terms on a two-year deal with the defensive lineman on Wednesday night.

The first name question (Jeremiah or Jay?) created a bit of confusion as the news hit the wires.

Mike Garafulo of Fox Sports reported.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported.

Ratliff’s page has him as Jeremiah, so take that as the official ruling if you wish.

As for the 32-year-old and his game on the field, 2013 was a spotty campaign for him. After not taking the field for the Dallas Cowboys for most of the season, the team parted ways with him and he caught on with the Bears. Ratliff then returned to action (to the chagrin of Jerry Jones) and recorded nine tackles and 1.5 sacks in five games.

The Bears had so many injuries on their D-line last season that it seemed like they were going to be forced to have an open tryout. It makes sense that they wanted Ratliff back in the mix to add talent and depth in that area.

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  • Earl Robertson

    Ratliff should be on a poster in Jones office to remind him what happens when you paid paid someone for what they did yesterday and not for what they can do today or tomorrow

  • Old Frog

    Yeah giving Ratliff that $40 million contract in 2011 when he still had another year to play turned out to be a big mistake. Although I do understand the logic of trying to lock a player up early on the cheap rather than risk paying more later, in hindsight it can sometimes appear penny wise and pound foolish.

  • Chesney Blair

    Can’t JJ do something about this? Couldn’t he go to the league on this? Jeremiah Ratliff shouldn’t be allowed to play for any team after what he pulled in Dallas. Also, we have to sign Melton now to even the score.

  • SmartThinking

    In my opinion, this is the most intriguing sports story of 2013. I cannot imagine (although I have a pretty good guess) what Jones must have done to make Ratliff so angry that he’d (a) ditch the team and his teammates in a clutch, (b) take a giant risk in free agency at mid-season, (c) sign with another team and then, do everything he possibly could, including (d) set himself and The Cowboys up for a huge media circus court fight over his refusal to play, just to (e) never, never play another down for Jones.

    I think Ratliff’s reasons, whatever they are, are in the heads of several more Dallas players who have come to realize that Jones is an unpredictable egomaniac bent on making himself be the star rather than building a winning team that wears The Star.

    Jones has always been of the mindset that paying lots of money buys loyalty. Of course, it only works one way with him. Players, like Ware, Hatcher, Spencer, Free and others, might pay more attention to the Ratliff debacle and the way Jones handled it. Their futures as Dallas Cowboys might end just as abruptly when they deal with this guy if he doesn’t get his way.