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Boston Red Sox face possible discipline for not having enough 'regular' players for Spring Training game

The Boston Red Sox showed up for their game against the Miami Marlins on Thursday without enough “regular” players, presumably meaning starters or even just guys who are familiar. The act certainly rubbed the Marlins the wrong way, and now the team might face discipline in the form of a fine from Major League Baseball.

As far as the first week of March goes, this is some drama.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports the following:

This has to do with the league’s policy that teams bring at least four “regular” players on their Spring Training travel rosters, something the Red Sox failed to do. It still seems like nothing to get worked up about, and the Marlins are probably the last team that should be trying to police the rest of the league.

The Marlins do have one leg to stand on, though. Like most teams, they charge more for tickets for games against opponents such as the Red Sox and New York Yankees. Presumably the Marlins contacted the league office to voice their objection to their fans getting ripped off.

And if there’s one thing the Marlins front office knows, it’s what it looks like when their fans get ripped off.

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