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LeBron James blames sleeves for bad shooting in loss to San Antonio Spurs

LeBron James and the Miami Heat got dumptrucked by the San Antonio Spurs on national TV Thursday night. The final score was 111-87, and it wasn’t even as close as that score would indicate.

James struggled for most of the night, scoring 19 points on a putrid 6-for-18 shooting. The reason for his troubles? Those darn sleeved jerseys, of course.

Courtesy of‘s Brian Windhorst.

Maybe LeBron is right that the sleeved jerseys are an issue. Maybe this point is perfectly valid. It just baffles the mind, though, that he continues to say these things out loud. When we talk about the all-time greats (a group to which LeBron already belongs), we imagine them overcoming the greatest of odds. Sickness. Fatigue. Blinding pressure. And yet here we are talking about silly (and admittedly stupid) sleeved jerseys?

C’mon now. If that’s how you really feel, that’s fine. You just can’t say it. You need to fib. Say something like this:

“I’m not making any excuses for my performance tonight. If we are going to beat an elite team, a championship worthy team like the San Antonio Spurs, then I just need to perform better. That’s on me, and it doesn’t matter what jerseys we wear or if I have a mask on my face. I need to be better, and I didn’t get the job done tonight. Period. End of story.”

See? That’s not so hard, right LeBron?

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