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Charles Barkley proclaims L.A. Clippers 'Best in the west'

Former NBA All-Star and current TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley is never shy about offering his opinions, even on subjects unrelated to basketball. This time he stayed in his wheelhouse, and amended an early-season assessment of the Los Angeles Clippers, calling them one of the two best teams in the Western Conference.

“The two best teams in the Western Conference are the Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder … in that order,”

During his T.V. face time on TNT, Barkley changed his tune about the Clippers, who he felt were a tad overrated earlier in the season. At that time he called them “softer than tissue paper”, and continued on to question their overall team chemistry and ability.

“The Clippers can’t win a championship,” Barkley said during TNT’s telecast of the Clippers’ 102-97 loss at Miami on Nov. 7. “I know that already after [six] games. They don’t have a half-court game.” [Source: Sports Illustrated]

Fans usually take Barkley’s comments with a grain of salt, as he’s been known to make outrageous statements and to have very biased opinions when it comes to teams or players he’s not particularly fond of. But in this case, it would appear Sir Charles is on the money.

The Clippers’ 142-94 dismantling of the scuffling Los Angeles Lakers showed just how dangerous this team can be, and that they are starting to gel and play some hot basketball at just the right time. Right now, I’d even give them the edge over the Thunder.


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