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Cowboys could draft Mike Evans to take pressure of Dez Bryant?

The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of needs to fill in the NFL Draft and wide receiver isn’t really high on their list. It is a position of need, especially if the Cowboys let Miles Austin go, but not a priority to spend another first round draft pick on.

Still, if he falls to the Cowboys at the No. 16 spot, could the Cowboys resist taking him?

From Rowan Karver of the Cowboys’ website:

He’d be a mammoth complement to Dez Bryant, both literally and figuratively. The trio of Bryant, Evans and Terrance Williams would make the Cowboys set at the position, and the presence of Dwayne Harris and Cole Beasley would give the team even more depth at the spot. Furthermore, if Bryant were to go down, Evans has the talent to fill in as No. 1 threat. He’s also used to and thrived with a quarterback known for his improvisational skills in Johnny Manziel, which should help him while getting passes from Tony Romo.

Even then, if the Cowboys defense doesn’t get things turned around the best wide receiver duo in the league might not be enough to get them into the playoffs.

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  • Scott.

    Sounds great, but def line, safety and lb should be priority. In that order.

  • Old Frog

    If successful he could also take pressure off the Boys to give Bryant a huge cap killing contract next year.

  • Ta’ue

    I think we got to go, d-line,off-line,safety,lb,qb,wr,d-line in that order

  • charles diodati

    shut up stop writing about football now

    • charles diodati

      sorry i dont know you personally as writer, but come on we need help on d anywhere we can get it DT,DE,MLB,OLB,S….if you need another WR try Benjamin or Robinson in the 2nd (if possible)