Dec 29, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Green Bay Packers tight end Andrew Quarless (81) attempts to make a catch against Chicago Bears outside linebacker Lance Briggs (55) during the fourth quarter at Soldier Field. The Green Bay Packers win 33-28. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Lance Briggs: Chicago Bears disrespected Brian Urlacher, Devin Hester

Last year it was the Chicago Bears parting ways with future Hall of Famer and the face of the franchise in Brian Urlacher and this week announced the team will not be bringing back fan favorite Devin Hester which has caused pro bowl linebacker Lance Briggs to say the team owed them more respect.

“I’m just a football player and when my time comes, I don’t expect anything more or less than a tweet saying ‘We’re parting ways with Lance.’ Briggs said on the Kap and Haugh show. That’s not going to hurt my feelings or anything like that. That’s more for when you have players with the respect of the people that have appreciated the people over the years, that say these guys should be due more respect for what they’ve done and what they’ve meant to everyone.”

Throughout history we have seen players like Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana and Peyton Manning forced to leave their original team, but it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow for fans and players alike as they are forced to deal with the reality that it’s going to happen at some point.

“It’s sad, man,” Briggs said. “We’ve seen a lot of guys come and go. I think we all know our time is coming and it’s sad when it does. I hate to see a guy like Devin — and what he’s meant to this city and this organization — not brought back…”

The Bears may lose more familiar faces with Charles Tillman a free agent and Julius Peppers a potential (likely) cap casualty.

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  • Dirkdeez20

    I agreed all the way with Lance they owe those guys way more respect than that.

    • manofredearth

      Indeed, and that doesn’t have anything to do with a major payday. Look at how the Blackhawks turned their team around in 5 years. One major step was to reach out to alienated former greats and bring them on as team ambassadors. Respect and acknowledgment without some bank-breaking check. I know the Bears are better off financially than the Blackhawks, but the Bears are starting to look like the ‘Hawks under ‘ol Dollar Bill Wirtz. Such a shame.

  • John Vassar

    Sorry, nothing is owed. This is an entertainment business. They make millions of dollars and when their contract ends they think nothing of running for a bigger pay check. Briggs is entering in the final year of his contract and will be 34 by mid season. This will probably be his last rodeo too. Urlacher was offered a $2M deal and had a hissy fit about it and turned his back on the Bears, funny his phone never rang again from anyone. We are not privy to every conversation between team and player, but in the end this is a business and a young man’s sport unless you are a QB.

    • manofredearth

      Get out of here with your modern heartless garbage. It’s a game, and a game with history. That history counts double for historic teams of character such as the Chicago Bears. Your “money first & money only” bullcrap is the direct reason we have greedy crybaby nobodies gunning for a lottery payday. Real fans celebrate players’ character, ability, and body of work. These are not disposable playthings that you get to rip open on Christmas and forget about by New Years, these are hard working human beings with incredible physical talents. It’s too bad you reduce everything down to a dollar sign, but many of us are multi-generation lifelong fans and supporters, so keep walking with your cheap, shallow denigration of the game and its players. We’ll still be here long after you’ve picked some other hobby to ruin with your singular focus on money.

      • John Vassar

        It is not my modern heartless garbage as you put it. Its how the NFL runs its business. If money is not the issue then we wouldn’t need a collective bargaining agreement, free agency nor lawsuits over concussions. Everyone would sit around the campfire and enjoy themselves and get along . The point is the “money first & money only” is a by product of greed by the owners and players alike. I agree with you they work hard and get paid well for it and are not disposable playthings. Your anger on that issue should be directed at the NFL on how they have done everything in their power to subvert studies on brain damage and concussions. The league looks at them as disposable entities not me. I am a multi generational fan that grew up in the game, and like it or not it sadly is a money driven entertainment environment. Like most business, at the end of the day “money talks, bs walks”, ask Urlacher.

        • manofredearth

          You owned it the moment you parroted it. Chicken and the egg: you’re perpetuating it regardless of who started it.

  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    @John. I concur… Moreover, no one has been disrespected. We, the fans, have appreciated Devin Hester and mgmt paid him significantly. However, he’s gotten slower and he’s starting 2fumble way 2many times. Again, I don’t see the disrespect as eluded by Urlacher and now Briggs.

  • Andy

    Total misrepresentation by someone desperate for recognition. Briggs comments were not made in this context. His quotes refer to his understanding that the NFL is a business. Prime example of why Internet sources like fan sided have little to no credibility.

  • Hunter

    People say “this is a business” when it comes to sports because they are inherently comparing it to the corporate world where loyalty is rarely valued anymore these days which is truly sad. But the truth is, Lance’s time will come next year. So long as we are seeing a tunrover and remaking of the Bears D in 2014, I’m inclined to get rid of Briggs now and hopefully get a 3rd round pick for him while geting $5.5MM more dollars under the salary cap. I can’t be the only one that saw him come back after his injury, last season, out of shape and with a perceived defeated attitude was I?