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Michael Vick among top possible free agent busts in 2014

When you hear the word “bust” associated with the NFL, automatically the word “draft” comes to mind. But free agency can produce its share of busts as well, and the big contracts that many of these players get for their services can make it even more risky than a questionable draft pick.

Among the 2014 free agent class, there are several marquee players whose names can perk the eyebrows of an NFL executive. One of those players is former Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick.

As tempting as it may be for teams who are desperate for a QB, it might be best to look at Vick as a potential backup only, and not to break the bank bringing the once electrifying Vick into the fold.

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Burke believes that Vick is among the top potential free agent busts this season, and gives his reasoning as to why:

If you believe the NFL rumor mill, Vick is a top candidate for every team from Jacksonville to Oakland to Minnesota. He might be particularly appealing to a team that thinks it’s a playoff contender, as Vick remains one of the league’s most electrifying QBs when he’s healthy. Of course, he’s never healthy — at least not for extended periods. His only 16-game season came in 2006, with Atlanta. He is worth a roll of the dice because of the upside. Just have a backup plan.

Pretty solid thinking if you ask me. Vick isn’t the QB that he once was, and he wasn’t even all that at his best. He’s good for some great highlight reel material, and occasionally manages to pull out a great overall game, but his overall record shows that he’s just not the guy who will lead your team to the promised land.


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