Aug. 18, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) reacts on the field against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the first half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Buffalo Bills may offer Mark Sanchez chance to be starter

The Buffalo Bills looked to solve their quarterback situation last season when they drafted E.J. Manuel out of Florida State. While he has the potential to develop into a Daunte Culpepper type quarterback — nothing special but a playoff caliber guy — the Bills are worried about this injuries an the chance that starting him too often or too soon may cripple his future.

Enter Mark Sanchez, a guy who has been crippled in the past but somehow can still walk around in the NFL. After looking like his Jets career was over (and it might not be just yet), Sanchez’s name has now come up in connection to the Buffalo Bills thanks to Jason La Canfora from

So, it stands to reason that the backup for the Bills could end up getting a good long look sooner rather than later. After being under the media glare with the Jets, going to a much lower-profile team could do Sanchez some good. Few places are more under-the-radar than Buffalo.

La Canfora was referring to the fact that with Manuel’s injuries, his backup could get significant starting opportunities in 2014 and beyond.

That guy just might be Mark Sanchez.

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  • Thomas Eric

    That would be awful

  • Tim Vanderklok

    Absolutely Awful

    • Rob Turner

      He is a eagle

  • E-ball

    This blog post (yes, that’s all it is, a blog post) wins the award for “Most Misleading and Inaccurate Headline” ever. Give me a break. I hate it when no-names “create” internet news just to get some hits on their page.

  • chas territo

    Another thing, you post rumors but no reference to who made these so-called rumors!! Is it because YOU are the RUMORMONGER? STFU with rumors, post NEWS only!!!!! GO BILLS!!


  • bill

    Interesting, considering he is an eagle. I am no genius, but you can’t sign guys already on another team? Am I missing something?

  • Silent yet Deadly

    Sanchez is a decent player, only worthy of being a Benchwarmer, not a Starter and DEFINITELY not in Buffalo. Sanchez can play anywhere BUT Buffalo, don’t need some Butt Fumbling moron on our team. and the dumbass that wrote this ‘article’ obviously has no love or Respect for the Great City of Buffalo and her teams, be they minor, semi-pro or full professional Leagues.

  • Jim Wickens

    Slow news day? I think Lewis has more leadership than Sanchez