Mar 11, 2014; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook (0) reacts after making a 3 point shot against the Houston Rockets during the second quarter at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Rockets at Thunder final score: Oklahoma City holds on 106-98 behind 42 from Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant scored 42 points, helping the Oklahoma City Thunder hold off the Houston Rockets 106-98 Tuesday night at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The Thunder got back on track after losing their last two games while snapping the Rockets’ five game-winning streak in the process.

For Durant, it was his 11th 40-point game of the season. He shot 12-of-22 from the field, five-of-eight from beyond the arc and 13-of-16 from the free throw line.  He also had five rebounds, four assists and a block.

The Thunder pushed their fourth quarter lead to 89-76 on back-to-back three-pointers by Derek Fisher and Durant, but the Rockets rallied back, cutting the lead to five with 1:51 to play.

That’s when Patrick Beverly committed a terribly timed foul on Russell Westbrook, who went to the line and calmly knocked down all three free throws, all but putting the game away.

Westbrook finished with 24 points, seven assists and four rebounds.

James Harden scored a team-high 28 points, dished out nine assists and had eight rebounds for the Rockets while Chandler Parsons chipped in 19 points, six rebounds, four assists and two steals.

Dwight Howard shot just four-of-12 from the field and was held to nine points and 10 rebounds.

The Thunder are now 47-17 and the Rockets are 44-20.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    Wow another sport i am going to quit on as of today !… i never thought i would quit on the NBA… but tonight’s game was the final straw… i stopped watching all college sports because of the hypocrisy, and the slime balls running it, and now the NBA is definitely off my list… my mind was made up after the first quarter of tonight’s game because i no longer believe what i am watching is genuine….
    I along with others refused to believe the words of former jailed NBA official Tim Donaghy…. no more can i deny it… The NBA is dirty period… it had a dirty official whose words were dismissed as the ramblings of a criminal, news flash… criminals do not always lie, and law abiding citizens do not always speak the truth….

    This Houston, OKC game is a perfect example. I have been watching Durant get all these phantom foul calls , getting countless amount of free throws, and it seems like the NBA officials were given indirect orders to keep Durant’s numbers up, it seems they needs another legit superstar to promote…. if you do not believe me Lebron in two games zero free throws and Durant goes to the line on ticky tack fouls… how else can anyone explain this to me.. i am sure the NBA is aware of this and if the NBA is not acknowledge even in private that there may be something wrong….then this tells me the NBA are a part of if… I found it funny they still allow Durant to get way with his sweep under the defenders arm move… anyone who really plays the game the right way would see that as a play on… why reward a player for cheap fouls……. In the past two games Lebron has driven in the basket countless times, a lot more than Durant, and not 1 free throw for Lebron… this i really need someone to explain to me even more…. in tonights game Durant made it to the line 14 times by the third quarter…. getting invisible fouls on jumpers… but Lebron bulls his way to the rim and and you are telling me he wasnot not touched? So in short either we still have dirty refs in the NBA , which i do not doubt or the entire NBA is dirty period… and as long as the the NBA ignores this i tend to lean to the latter…. I cannot wait for football season… the last of the major American sport i will watch going foreword… hockey never had me… baseball lost me in ’95 , and now basketball lost me in ’14….