Dec 22, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck (91) against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley visiting Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are flush with salary cap space but have signed only a few players that haven’t impressed the fan base much. While the Rodger Saffold signing was great, the re-signing of Darren McFadden and the exits by Lamarr Houston, Jared Veldheer and Rashad Jennings have irked many in the Black Hole.

That may change though as the Raiders are planning visits with two of the better defensive free agents on the market. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, both Justin Tuck and LaMarr Woodley will be visiting the Raiders on Wednesday.


The hope for the Raiders would be to hammer out deals with both, as neither have set the market on fire and may not require massive free agent deals. Then again, both players are veteran talents looking to win and that may require more money from a place like Oakland to convince Super Bowl champions to be a part of a rebuilding process.

Still, Oakland could be a fit for both players and the sides are at least meeting with each other on Wednesday.

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  • Tony maez

    Sign both!! Where is the secondary at???

    • Arty G

      Sign DT Melton, Erin Henderson, Revis and resign Tracy Porter….Welcome To The BLACKHOLE BABY!!!!…..I must be dreaming right?

      • Jovan

        If only

  • Antwain Chef Bones Curtis Sr.

    Starting linbackers: nick roach, sio moore, and lamar woodley. Letf and right d.e’s tuck and whoever else we sign and we sign carlos rodgers in free agency oh and vick or freeman at qb then we trade down and grab robinson for ot and gain a sec and gifth rounder

  • gdubb

    I’m from pittsburgh i Say No to Woodley unless you he came cheap.he can’t stay healthy and he only can play in a 3-4

  • Marcus Cooper

    “the Rodger Saffold signing was great” – according to who??

    I’ve read every article I could find on it in the last 2 days and you’re the only source to suggest that signing an often injured Guard for LT money – more money than Veldheer got in Arizona – was anything other than embarrassing.

    • Pridenpoise

      Going to have to agree with you on that.

    • Really?

      Veldheer turned down our offer. What don’t people get about that. He did NOT want to be a Raider so the signing is actually a good one, look at the structure, look at his versatility. You’re complaining about injuries, you do realize that Veldheer was out what 10 games last season and even admits he’s still not 100%? Yes good move by the front office.

      • Marcus Cooper

        If Veldheer didn’t want to stay then I’m fine with him leaving, Houston too – I’m a big believer in having players that want to be Raiders – that isn’t my point. I’m also fine with signing a much needed versatile lineman – that also isn’t my point.

        My point is the forty two and a half million dollars – that’s the kind of money that you pay for good LT or an All Pro Guard – not for a guy who has missed 17 games, losing both Tackle spots, in the last 3 years! If he comes in and plays the whole season to a really high level then I’ll hold my hands up and say I was wrong. If, as most expect, he plays pretty well and misses 5 games with injury then we will have overpaid by at least $15mil – money that we could have used to bring in another quality player.

        As for the structure – I have no idea… tell me about how we don’t have to pay this guy $20mil if he doesn’t pan out and that we won’t be stuck with the dead money after we’ve just got out from under the last lot of overpayments.

      • Michael DeClue

        I’m with you on this veldheer is a bum for not taking a 5yr 55 mil offer from us I’m actually glad Lamar gone as well he wasn’t worth a big check getting not 1 season with more than six sacks lol go in Chicago.I think woodley and tuck improves us now get us a number 1 Wr and Watkins with our draft pick if there .Last of all get us a top corner revis or cromartie

        • Marcus Cooper

          Where did you get the 5yr 55mil from? Other comments on other stories have said we low balled him with a 5yr 30mil offer.

  • Luis Hernandez

    I hope we at least sign Tuck. He should come cheap and would really help out our pass rush. Even if we sign Woodly, I’d be happy that we’re making strides to beef up our front lines. The Howard signing was very good in my view, seeing as the dude started 32 straight games, so that should give us some consistency on our O line. I’m glad Reggie is finally making moves to offset what happened yesterday. With Tuck around it’ll be like, Houston who?? Lol good raiders!!

  • MartyCalderon

    Veldheer wanted to be a Raider when he thought the Raiders would overpay him. But once he hit the market, I think the idea of starting for a 10 win team and a chance for the playoffs made him really want to try something different. Rumor was that Reggie put the full court press on Saturday to resign him, and then on Sunday he started looking for plan B. I think he paid too much for plan B and maybe we should have tried the draft.

  • Ervin Barrentine

    I’m praying for this move to happen if so great free agency run New. Raider Nation