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MLB Rumors: Chone Figgins might actually start for the Los Angeles Dodgers at second base

To recap, Chone Figgins last played Major League Baseball in 2012. That season he played 66 games for the Seattle Mariners and batted .181/.262/.271.

In 2013 he started Spring Training with the Miami Marlins. He didn’t break camp on the big league roster…with the Marlins. He remained out of baseball for the entire season.

Now he is with the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he was presumably going to compete for a utility spot and fight tooth and nail just to make the team. Now it turns out that Figgins might actually be in line to be the starting second baseman for the Dodgers. He spoke with Dave Schoenfield of ESPN about that very possibility. In that conversation Figgins congratulated himself for his ability to get on base, something he has done well this spring.

He is also befuddled as to why those on-base skills did not get him another gig last year:

It’s interesting. Teams are always looking for guys who can see a lot of pitches and get on and after getting released from the Marlins, I was like ‘Hello?’”

For the record, Figgins got on base at a .241 clip and .262 clip in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Those numbers, in a word, are putrid.

So here we are, and with well-paid Cuban import Alex Guerrero almost surely headed to the minor leagues to start the season, Chone Figgins might be a starter in the Major Leagues. And for the Dodgers, no less, a team with legitimate World Series aspirations. His only competition as of now is Dee Gordon, who could charitably be described as a quadruple-A player.

This really might happen, folks.

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