Feb 2, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) reacts against the Denver Broncos during Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman, LeGarrette Blount argue over best cornerback on Twitter

Free agent running back LeGarrette Blount, who spent last season with Aqib Talib on the New England Patriots was genuinely excited for his friend when Talib signed a six year, $57 million dollar deal with the Denver Broncos earlier this week.

Blount, wanting to congratulate his former teammate and friend took to Twitter expressing his positive vibes, calling him the best cornerback in the game.

That didn’t sit well with Seattle Seahawks resident loudmouth, Richard Sherman, who hinted that Blount only thinks that because the two were friends.

Blount was having none of that, suggesting that he’s seen what he’s done to opposing wide recievers/tight ends and has no qualms that Talib is the best corner in the game.

The running backs unwillingness to agree with Sherman seemingly irritated the Pro Bowl defender and the two began to exchange Twitter blows.

The two went back and forth for some time until Sherman laid down the ether.

Pretty silly argument in all honesty, but looks like Sherman came away with the win.

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  • Dienda1245

    As usual, more “me, me, me” with Sherman. Man, I really want to like him but really wish he would just do his talking on the playing field. A true “best” and Super Bowl champ doesn’t have to start a twitter fight like a 12 year old girl, in my opinion.

    • Janae Towsend

      he didn’t start the fight. dude went out of his way to start something.

      • Dienda1245

        That’s true but I don’t see how it was a “fight.” I also don’t see how numbers don’t already show that Sherman is the best and that there’s no need, especially from Sherman himself to get involved. If I said “Mark Sanchez, the greatest QB in history,” I’d laugh if Manning, Wilson or Breeze came out and said “na ah!!”

        • Josh Perusse

          Sherman DOES do the talking on the field. He just… also does the talking off of it.

        • Ryan Armida

          Totally agree, but why put Wilson in that category?

        • Kevin Campbell

          so you’re saying Aqib Talib is to Cornerbacks and Mark Sanchez is to Quarterbacks?

          Well, sir you just lost all credibility and I label you a moron.

          • Dienda1245

            Didn’t understand the comment at all, huh? That’s cool….

      • UselessKnowledge

        Where in Blount’s original tweet does he mention Sherman?(the answer to that would be NOWHERE!) Just because Sherman THINKS he’s the best in the league so he decides to reply to something that didn’t even mention him. THAT’S going out of the way to start a fight.

        • Tommy Tom Tom Tommers

          I think the poster meant that anyone who talks is going out of their way to offend Sherman

        • Seifuddin ‘Seipha’ Hairston

          he tagged him in it dummy…smh

          • UselessKnowledge

            You want to go back and look at Blount’s tweet and show me where he tagged Sherman? Dummy.

          • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

            Blount said “CONGRATS TO MY BROTHER LIB! YOU DESERVE IT BIG BRO! THE BEST CORNER IN THE LEAGUE AND ITS TIME YOU GOT PAID LIKE IT!!” Then said “@RSherman_25 in my opinion he the best bruh sorry… Can’t change my mind…” AND THEN Sherman said “@LG_Blount it’s all good…. Hard to argue with friendship”… I missed it at first read through as well. But Blount did, in fact, start it. You can even go to Blounts twitter page and see for yourself.

          • Deon Christophe

            he didn’t tag Sherman in original tweet.. U are reading where he responded to Sherman….#factcheck

          • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

            I didn’t say he tagged Sherman in the original tweet so learn to read. Also, go to Blounts twitter page. He tweeted the first tweet I quoted, THEN the 2nd tweet I quoted. AND THEN Sherman replied to him. #factcheckyourfactcheck. Nice try though.

          • UselessKnowledge

            But I DID ask where in the ORIGINAL tweet did he mention Sherman.

          • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

            You’re right he didn’t mention him in the first tweet. He mention him in the second tweet before Sherman replied, which is what caused Sherman to tweet him in the first place. Go ahead and scroll up and mouse over the dates on each tweet. You will see that Blounts first sent “CONGRATS TO MY BROTHER LIB! YOU DESERVE IT BIG BRO! THE BEST CORNER IN THE LEAGUE AND ITS TIME YOU GOT PAID LIKE IT!!” at 3:56:06(UTC). Then Blount again tweeted “@RSherman_25 in my opinion he the best bruh sorry… Can’t change my mind…” at 4:44:50(UTC) and THEN Sherman replied with “@LG_Blount it’s all good…. Hard to argue with friendship” at 16:32:21(UTC) almost 12 hours later.

          • UselessKnowledge

            I did read the twitter account, the person who ORIGINALLY tagged Sherman was the guy who tweeted to Blount “Better than Sherman even”. That’s where the “Sorry Bruh…” Tweet came from. Blount never tagged Sherman first. Someone else did & Blount replied to that.

          • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

            You didn’t help your argument at all. You just proved that Blount said something to Sherman first and that’s when Sherman got into it. It doesn’t matter if some random fan said Talib is better than Sherman first. Blount replied with Shermans name tagged in it and that is what started it all. Blount could have easily ignored it or kept Shermans name out of the tweet but he didn’t.

          • UselessKnowledge

            As I said, Blount Never tagged Sherman First. He said He thought Talib was the best and some other fan brought Sherman into the Argument by Tagging Sherman. Your boy Sherman could’ve easily done the same thing you suggested and ignored it, but no, can’t pass up the chance to argue about his greatness.

          • Darryn Frost

            Dude, Blount tweeted twice before Sherman responded.

    • Cameron

      Ya, him talking about the integrity of the defense as a whole, and how they have another great CB who he trusts to do his job is so selfish!

      • Ryan Armida

        yeah….. because thats the point people are trying to make

    • makesoundsnotlove

      Why the equalization argument fallacy in down playing girls in our society? Sexist much? (This comment will probably spin your head around as it pertains to logic.)

    • B17

      he mentioned his parter CB

    • Matt

      Wow. Theses are only 140 characters each, max. It seems like you would have read them all before commenting.

      “@LG_Blount for what? So I can kill the integrity of the defense…. We actually have another good corner who I trust to do his job! We win!”

  • Jessalyn Champignon

    I’d be wary of that “Ain’t nobody better than me” mantra if I were Sherman. He may think he’s the greatest thing to ever happen to the NFL now, but someone should probably remind him of how well having that kind of attitude turned out for T.O. & Ochocinco.

    • Tommy Tom Tom Tommers

      It is true, his hubris is setting him up for a hard fall. At the same time, a truly self actualized person probably wouldn’t be doing what he is doing, in other words, he wouldn’t be as good as he is if he wasn’t insane to begin with.

      • Jessalyn Champignon

        That is a very good point. It could be that ‘I’m the best in the game’ ego that drove him to be what he was. I never thought about it that way.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

      Oh yea, it sure didn’t work out well for Terrell Owens. He’s only the 2nd all time leader in receiving yards, 3rd in all time receiving touchdowns and 6th in all time receptions and played 16 seasons and earned over 70 million dollars. But yeah, no that was a horrible career for him. Also, Chad Johnson(btw he changed his name back to Johnson 2 years ago) didn’t do too bad himself. 32nd all time receptions, 30th all time receiving yards, 39th all time receiving touchdowns and played for 12 seasons and made over 46 million dollars. But no, you are right, those two did terrible.

      • Jarrod Mauren

        All those numbers and neither of those guys will make the HOF.

        • Eric Bardusch

          owens will, and if you don’t think so, you’re high.

          • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

            Agreed, I doubt he will be a first time ballot, but he will surely get in within 5 years. No doubt about that. Granted I think Moss will get in before him but still Owens will be in.

          • Deon Christophe

            If RMoss gets in HOF before T.O. then the entire thing is rigged and based on Likability…

          • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

            T.O is eligible 2016, Moss in 2018. It will be a hard sell getting T.O in first year. I could see him getting in 2017 but a lot more goes into deciding who gets into the HOF than just statistics.

          • CW_Network

            Likability? Randy Moss was a trouble maker in the locker room, and out of the field. People didn’t really “like him”, much like T.O. Ask yourself this, if Moss was getting the ball from Brady for most of his career HE would be #1 in all categories for WR. No doubt about that. How many years did Moss play for a garbage team with a bad QB; The majority. Moss should most certainly get into the HOF. He didn’t have the QB’s that TO, Rice did. And yet he still racked up great numbers, dude deserves it.

      • uncjjb24 .

        I mean, you’re right that TO did earn all that money, but isn’t he broke right now? Lol

        • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

          Yes, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he did earn that much throughout his career. Recently I read an article that 78% of NFL players file for bankruptcy within 5 years of retirement. So he is hardly the only one to have money troubles after retiring.

          • uncjjb24 .

            It’s just kind of sad. I think most guys who file bankruptcy didn’t earn 70 million in their careers.

          • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

            Yes it is sad. However I can name a few professional athletes that made more and have filed for bankruptcy. Antoine Walker-NBA- made $110 million. Latrell Sprewell- NBA- made $96 million. Evander Holyfield- Boxer- made $250 million. Mike Tyson- Boxer- Made $400 million. Scottie Pippen- NBA- made $120 million. Allen Iverson- NBA- made over $200 million. Eddy Curry- NBA- made same as T.O $70 million. Warren Sapp- NFL- made roughly $82 million. Duece Mcallister- NFL- roughly $70 million. I could go on, but you get the idea. It is not that uncommon for professional athletes to blow through their earnings after retirement because they are used to having the money to use and don’t think about their future. There are also countless others between $30-60 million as well.

      • Ryan Armida

        Still isnt the best though is he?

        • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

          T.O is 40 years old, of course he still isn’t the best. Johnson is 36, same goes for him. Name one person in the NFL that is over 35 and is still the best player at their position hands down.

          • Isaac Zhou

            manning last year lol

          • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

            Bravo, you named the one and only player.

          • Jessalyn Champignon

            LOL. Well, you did say name one person…

          • Jessalyn Champignon

            BUT… he still thinks/says he is. And that’s the point. :)

          • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

            Your comment above is still “awaiting moderation”, I can see it but I can’t reply, so I will reply here. It’s all good, I actually read it all and it helped me see your point clearly. Also, it’s not Disqus that mods everything it’s the individual websites that has mods that set the rules for their particular website and moderate it. Although I have to say that I am surprised that they require h*ll to be approved by mods. It is hardly a bad word lol.

      • Jessalyn Champignon

        First of all, your sarcasm needs work. I just need to start with that. Second, I have no idea what you’re reading, but I did not say either of their careers were terrible. Obviously they were not. Thank you for that completely unnecessary breakdown; but I don’t live in a cave without cable or wifi, so I am fully aware of both of their career stats, Captain Obvious.
        Chad Johnson changed his name back, yes. That is 100% true. Many people still distinguish him as by Ochocinco, which is primarily why I used it as a go-to here. Again, I’m aware of this fact, but thank you.

        CHAD JOHNSON (definitely not Ococinco) has been trying to get another NFL team to sign him since he was released by the Dolphins and became a free agent after the assault on his wife in 2012 and doing a week in jail (on a 30 day jail sentence) . Yes, his 10 seasons with the Bengals were fantastic, and I am absolutely not trying to take away from that. However, he’s known far and wide to be an egotistical d ou**bag; and no team wants to sign him, so his NFL career is pretty much over whether he likes it or not (he doesn’t).

        He’s just not worth the aggravation and circus he brings, and the fact that he remains unsigned supports this. I know the Vikings were looking at him in 2012, and that’s the last I’ve heard of any interest from any team even considering signing him (Correct me if I’m wrong; I’m not looking it up because I don’t feel like it.) I do remember seeing that he was saying he wants to go back to the Bengals sometime late last year, but I don’t think anything ever came of it beyond his statement, not even speculation.

        TERRELL OWENS (I don’t know if you took issue with the usage of “T.O.”, so I’ll use his full, legal name to avoid any confusion). — Owens also had great career stats, as you pointed out. Obviously. He’s one of the best WRs ever, IMHO. (Once again, thank you for the lesson in statistics. It was riveting.)

        However, Owens is also widely known to be a malicious backstabber that will do anything to benefit himself, such as suing a Indoor Football League team. Last season he *actually* tweeted Rex Ryan, requesting the Jets sign him. If that’s not the bottom of the barrel, I don’t know what is. He declared he was going to retire last season after the free agency if he wasn’t signed, but he as of now, he hasn’t (at least he hasn’t “officially” retired beyond being an perpetual free agent). Even now, he’s is still carrying on, doing interviews, preaching the same old tired BS that he can still play great, he’s in great shape, he’s still a great WR, and great blah great blah great blah great blah. But guess what? No one wants him, either. He’s about to turn 40 (!!!), and he’s a PR mess for anyone who even blinks in his direction. He’s not worth it for the Jets or anyone else.

        Do I think they both were good in their heyday? Absolutely, 110%. That is not even questionable, That’s obvious. My point was that both of them are widely known for their personalities and are far past their prime. If they didn’t have a reputation for their antics & loud mouths, I think they would have both been able to continue to play for a few years after their last release as free agents. Instead, they’re sitting on the sidelines, doing random interviews talking about coming back and hoping to stay relevant. Keeping a decent public image of themselves would have served them better in the future.

        • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

          You’re welcome.

          • Jessalyn Champignon

            hahaha best comment answer ever.
            +1 to you, Sir.

          • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

            I didn’t know what else to say. I realized that I read too much into your comment so I was wrong for just spewing out stats and I didn’t want to admit to it. Oh ffff I just did. :D

    • FesterFoot43

      Sure, but while they were saying it at first, they really were backing it up. I think Sherman realizes that he’s going to be de-throwned one day. But, for now he’s the man.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

    This is why I like Sherman. He believes he’s the best and he proves it on the field and has the balls to call out anyone saying otherwise. I don’t get why people are so upset with how he goes about his life. Not everyone wants to be humble. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting everyone know you are the best if you think you are the best.

    • Seifuddin ‘Seipha’ Hairston

      he didnt even start it..smh…

      • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

        Sorry I didn’t see that. I saw the initial tweet and then thought Sherman replied to it and then Blount replied to that. But still most of my statement still stands. If you are the best, there is nothing wrong with telling people you are the best.

        • Roger Henslee Jr.

          Yes he is very good(best, nope), though there is nothing wrong with calling him classless, cause that’s also what he is.

      • FesterFoot43

        Hey, that’s the truth of it, too.

    • Ryan Armida

      Yeah its called humility, no one likes braggarts. If you are truly the best people notice, it doesnt need to be stated by yourself every chance you get…… and in this case troll other peoples tweets in order to garnish more attention. He is sickening. Ill take Talib over Sherman anyday.

      • 2pcj

        Sherman’s skills are sick. We can agree there.

      • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

        Oh, I guess I am “no one.” Because I like people who brag and there many other people like me. I like someone that has the fire to get in peoples faces and say “I am the best.” Sure, he doesn’t need to do it, but he does because he knows no one can prove him wrong right now. Once again not everyone wants to be humble/have humility. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean no one shouldn’t do it. Also, he didn’t “troll other peoples tweets…” He responded to Blounts tweet to him. Go ahead and scroll up and mouse over the dates on each tweet. You will see that Blounts first sent “CONGRATS TO MY BROTHER LIB! YOU DESERVE IT BIG BRO! THE BEST CORNER IN THE LEAGUE AND ITS TIME YOU GOT PAID LIKE IT!!” at 3:56:06(UTC). Then Blount again tweeted “@RSherman_25 in my opinion he the best bruh sorry… Can’t change my mind…” at 4:44:50(UTC) and THEN Sherman replied with “@LG_Blount it’s all good…. Hard to argue with friendship” at 16:32:21(UTC) almost 12 hours later.

      • Oscar

        I may not like Richard Sherman’s comments, but he is certainly a PHENOMENAL player. I say this as a Broncos fan.

        What bothers me most about people as it regards to sports is that we as Westerners are frequently in awe of professional athletes (and why shouldn’t we? They are specimens who master their craft). As westerners, particularly Americans we are very individualistic and value people not necessarily on their basic being of a person, but as to what they accomplish/their productivity.

        We value so much about what individuals get done and place such a premium on performance; yet when people brag about what they can do, for some STUPID reason we feel the need to judge them as arrogant or something similar to that because they are not humble. Humility and western society does NOT work.

        You CANNOT be valued as a person based on your accomplishments and NOT be allowed to be proud of them at the same time. That is ASININE. You SHOULD be allowed to be proud of what your skills are. There’s no reason NOT to be.

        I wish people understood the need for humility as well as the appropriate context for it, rather than simply shooting down people for NOT being humble.

        • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

          Well said sir. Well said.

        • Matt Welche

          I agree that humility v. pride in western society is a bit of a catch 22, but your entire argument seems to be based on the notion that the selfish (you use individualistic) nature of American culture is justified, which i don’t agree with.
          In terms of context, i can’t think of an “appropriate” context for being prideful.

      • Edmund Jr.

        You are insane if you take Talib over Sherman. He brags but he backs it up. Talib acts like a big shot and gets burned from time to time, not to mention whimping out every time a 5’8” WR hits him…

    • TheNameGame

      actually you like Sherman cause you like Sherman. Everything else is just confirmation bias. You’re telling me you like EVERYONE who brags about themselves in your face or on TV? You enjoy people who you see as narcissistic and self-serving? Now I’m not calling Sherman the extremity of those things at all, and I actually like him a lot as a player (neutral about his person), but nothing says he’s even close to being the best corner in the game unless your talking about this year and/or last….in which case that’s…well a really small sample size….countless have fallen into that category

      • Kevin Campbell

        It’s funny when people measure a corner by interceptions. How many Picks come at the end of the half or the end of the game? Not to mention, Sherman is perfectly able to jump routes with two of the best safeties in the game there to back him up. He brags about himself when he should brag about his back-up.

    • Jessalyn Champignon

      Now that I’m reading through some of these comments, I’m thinking you should probably just start using this for your replies and save yourself some time :)


  • Tommy Tom Tom Tommers

    haha, so Sherman can win any argument by saying he won the superbowl? Who’s wife is the hottest? Well Sherman won the superbowl. Who makes the best cup of coffee. Well Sherman won the superbowl.

    • Isomodia

      Sherman can win any football argument by saying he is the world champion, yes. That’s sort of how that works.

      • Tim Kolczak

        Not really… because in that case Jack Haley could have done the same for the Chicago Bulls with that logic

      • Roger Henslee Jr.

        yes, Sherman and Trent Dilfer have that argument won!

      • brosxicingxbros

        No, that’s not how it works. The argument with Sherman here (as well as a few others) are based off of individual skill. Winning the Super Bowl (or just winning in general) is based on the entire team. You can be the best corner in the history of the game but if your team doesn’t carry it’s weight then it’s irrelevant. So the “super bowl champion” defense only works based from a team perspective. Unless you believe quarterbacks like Joe Flacco, Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson were at one point entitled to claim they were the best quarterbacks because of said championship.

      • Kevin Campbell

        According to this argument:
        Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino.
        Mike Miller is better than Charles Barkley.
        Adam Morrison is better than Elgin Baylor.
        Robert Turbin is better than Barry Sanders.
        Ted Williams is far from being great.
        Aaaaand Karl Malone and John Stockton were far worse than Derek Fisher and Robert Horry.

        C’mon guys, championships don’t make a player. That argument is stale and will never work. Yes, I understand that a championship is the ultimate goal of every professional athlete but you cannot say that Sherman is the best simply because he has a ring. If you are one of those people, please do what Billy Madison did and go through grade 1-12 all over again because obviously your former school system has failed you when it comes to being remotely logical.

  • abbygal64

    RICHARD SHERMAN IS THE BEST, he tipped that ball to keep Crabtree from getting it and our guy got the ball and that sealed the NFC Championship for us. There are other good corner backs but hey SHERMAN is the best!!

  • FesterFoot43

    Laggy Blunt! Sherman is the best CB in the league, everybody knows it and everybody with a brain says it. Talib is an awesome CB, but I’ve seen how he gets punked by the better WRs. Also, NOBODY throws to Sherman’s side unless it’s a mistake, which means while it is an action of brain farting on the part of the QB in doing so, it doesn’t happen unless you are throwing to your best receiver (and Sherman has faced the best receivers in the NFL). Also, the reason Sherman only has to defend the one side is because we have good CBs to cover the other. NE doesn’t measure up, here.

    • TheNameGame

      NE doesn’t measure up here? are you comparing teams or individual players? Cause if you’re going to bring up the point Sherman only has to defend one side because you have good CBs to cover the other, than you’re going into defensive scheming, which then you would have to consider the distinctions in pass rush, man coverage vs. zone, safety help over the top or under….etc, etc, etc. In which case, everything points advantage for Sherman. Doesn’t take anything away from what he’s done…but Talib was more valuable to his defense than Sherman was to his. Who’s better depends on your criterion

  • dalbalgbusc

    sherman trolling once again

  • …..!!!!…..

    im a steelers fan but man i love this sherman guy he is the deion sanders of this generation a big mouth but has the talent to back it up. I dont find anything wrong with him speaking his mind and stating his opinion about him being the best CB in the league. id like to see blounts comeback after shermans last tweet.

  • Arbitrary name

    “Hard to argue..”, continues to argue. Silly argument really, both are great CBs.

  • Aron Magner

    SHERMAN YOU ARE NOT THE BEST CORNER IN THE GAME… you are on the best dfence period… tailib,revis are better players… but being the best doesn’t mean you win the soup bowl… The soup bowl is the best TEAM so yea i think revis and talib are miles ahead sherman but hey i would gladly take sherman browner, thomas and rest of that secondary over anyone because teams win games NOT INDIVIDUALS!!!

  • http://www.soulhonky.com SoulHonky

    No opinion either way but giving Sherman “the win” for his Super Bowl comment ignores the fact that one of the keys to the Patriots’ loss to Denver was that Talib got hurt and couldn’t play.

  • HaddyBoy

    I love R Sherman man, that dude is a trouble maker lmao

  • Craig A. Thompson

    This wasn’t childish at all.

  • PleaseKillMe

    What a bunch of God damn babies.

  • Jeff Morin

    Sherman only solidifies what Blount was saying,;Aquib was the man and had essentially shut Denver down – the Pats would have gone to the Super Bowl if Welker didn’t take out his knee. Same as the year before, the second Aquib got injured Baltimore could suddenly throw the football, before that nothing.

  • Dewbert

    The Super Bowl argument is the weakest of any. It takes a whole team to make it to a Super Bowl and win it. I hear it when people say, “Dan Marino couldn’t win the Super Bowl.” Yeah, he was the only one on the team. And, Sherman was the only one on the Seahawks that day, too.

  • rushing

    Am I the only one who finds it weird that professional athletes find the need to argue like this over twitter?

    • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

      Right, because professional athletes aren’t real people. They live only to entertain you and do not live their own lives and cannot do normal things like argue with people on the internet.

      • rushing

        Did I say that they exist to entertain me? In fact, my comment should be taken the other way. Just let them live their life in the private and stop making news stories out of these silly twitter arguments. It just seems like 90% of professional news stories are like these personal pieces instead of actually about the games themselves.

        • https://www.facebook.com/jlswartzii Jeffrey Swartz

          How would I get that from your comment? All you said is that you find it weird that professional athletes find the need to argue over twitter. In no way does that say let them live their life in the private and stop making news stories out of their twitter arguments.

          • rushing

            haha whoops. I thought my comment was a bit longer originally. But I also do think that it is weird for people to want to attach their names and public image to what amounts to a “girls, you’re both pretty” type of argument.

          • TheNameGame

            lol don’t defend yourself from jumping to conclusions – you don’t need to humble about it but you don’t need to get so argumentative about your home boy

  • Edmund Jr.

    They are both wrong. Blount is more wrong obviously – Talib can’t carry Sherman’s jock strap. But Revis is the best in the game. People just did not notice because he was stuck in Tampa last year.

    Revis had something like only 9 passes defended last year. Ridiculously low. Not because he wasn’t on the field, but because QB’s just refuse to look his way entirely. Sherman gets picks, which is great. But it is not as great is completely removing an entire side of the field from the passing game. That is extremely rare in the modern NFL, and Revis is probably the only player since Deion to do it. With the exception of Ty Law whenever he played Peyton Manning.

  • Princeton

    the bigger issue here is their poor grammar…neither is an all-time great.

  • Charles E Eskew

    Sherman is the BEST. He earned the right to trash-talk hands down. Looking forward to watching him in action this year and I’m a former Bears fan. Going down south w/Lovie and McGown. Sorry Bears but I moved on as soon as you resigned Cutler.

  • Nikolas

    I feel like Talib should probably play a full 16 games before he can be considered the best… Just a thought.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperReject23 Adrien Broner

    For all yall saying Sherman is a troublemaker , BLOUNT mentioned him , and Talib cant play 16 games to save his life , Sherman is the best , stats don’t lie , rings don’t either , pats haven’t won since spy gate

  • Michael Morales

    Sherman being Sherman

  • Trevor Wolfe

    Patrick Peterson is better than both of these clowns.

  • Adam J. Vergon

    I love that Hall is bragging about his 4-pick game which happened EONS ago against JAY CUTLER. I could pick off Jay 4 times in one game (and I’m missing fingers on my non-dominant hand). It’s nothing to brag about.

  • Jessalyn Champignon

    Ok, ok. Seriously, guys. When I first commented on this days ago, I didn’t really think much of it honestly, and there were hardly any other comments yet. Now that I’m reading the insanity that has transpired since then, I have a *new* contribution to this discussion.

    That. Is. All. Thank you for your time. Carry on.

    • B17

      YOUR HOT

      • Jessalyn Champignon


        • B17

          i mean “your Hot” as in you own the Hot.