Dec 22, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck (91) against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Tuck wanted to sign for less with New York Giants, was insulted by offer

Justin Tuck just signed a nice two-year deal with the Oakland Raiders, but that wasn’t before he attempted to return to New York. Tuck was drafted by New York, bled for New York and helped bring two Super Bowls to New York and he wanted to return to New York for less money than the Raiders were offering.

Tuck told the New York Daily News that he brought the Raiders offer to him back to the Giants and admitted he would have been willing to sign for $3 million less and was given an offer he deemed insulting enough to leave not he table.

Per the New York Daily News:

“They wouldn’t have had to match it,” Tuck said. “You know, at the beginning of free agency I’m going in thinking I’m not looking for a lot. I understand the Giants have a lot of holes to fill. If they were trying to sign me before free agency hit, or at least were trying to communicate with us, then I probably would’ve took somewhere around a two-year deal, $8 million, somewhere around there.

“But it wasn’t even like that. It was like they weren’t even trying to get me back. That made my mind up for me.”

Tuck’s name has now been added to the growing list of spurned free agents who are motivated to come out in 2014 with a vengeance to beat their chests at their old teams. Tuck wanted to return to New York, the Giants lowballed him and that appears to be the Raiders gain.

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