Nov 30, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron (10) celebrates after a 99 yard touchdown by wide receiver Amari Cooper (not pictured) against the Auburn Tigers during the fourth quarter at Jordan Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft Rumors: Minnesota Vikings to draft A.J. McCarron?

Are the Minnesota Vikings looking at drafting A.J. McCarron this May? That’s certainly the question Vikings fans have after hearing that general manager Rick Spielman and new head coach Mike Zimmer paid special attention to McCarron at Alabama’s pro day.

According to Chris Tomasson, the Vikings evaluated McCarron this week, but didn’t give any further details on the extent of their interest.


With the No. 8 overall pick in the draft, the Vikings have been linked to the top quarterbacks in the draft this year. It’s starting to look like Johnny Manziel will fall to them but nothing is certain at this point.

Something we can bet on though is that McCarron will garner a lot of day two attention and will be a conversation starter after round one. He’ll actually come up earlier than that, as the Vikings passing on a quarterback in round one will reignite the discussion about their interest in McCarron and other mid-round quarterbacks.

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  • ShaneAjai

    Another rookie to groom? For all you Vikes fans…. Don’t hold your breath. Last time we tried this it was as if we dropped a nuke on our whole organization. I put a Ponder jersey on my broken vacuum! Great News! IT SUCKS AGAIN! Thanks Ponder for the leftover debris from the turf that came up when you threw to a ghost, your Speedy Gonzalez legs that helped you from being decapitated since you at times couldn’t hit the sideline wall of a barn and most of all your NOODLE arm. AJ McCarron? Really? Where’s Favre? Somebody put me in the Delorean so we can go back to 1998 and grab Cunningham and a rookie named Moss and bring them back to modern era. Superbowl bound with that pair along with our defensive moves this offseason. Just as long as Gary Anderson didn’t happen to ease his way into the trunk of the Delorean we would bring home our first ring in franchise history. In my opinion. No Johnny Oompa Loompa Frat Boy Football Manziel. No Bridgewatergate. No my brother was a bust Derek Carr. Blake Bortles? I say Blake Bortles or bust for our QB pick. Anything but Mr. FSU. Who knows. Maybe one of these guys could be our future and bring us to the dance and earn one of those shiny cookies to wear on your finger. Can’t wait until the day a Sports Illustrated commercial comes on the screen after our Superbowl victory and says congratulations Vikings fans. Your team just won the Superbowl. That’ll be my first subscription to SI along with my Superbowl Champions gear. Fingers crossed. Go Cassel until further notice. Go Vikes! SKOL!!!!!!!!

    • Ken Tomlin

      I’m not a fan of Manziel, Bridgewater, McCarron or Mettenburger. I do like Bortles, Garoppolo, and yes… Carr. All us Viking fans have waited a long time for a great QB to lead us to the Super Bowl! So, even though I may not like some of these QB’s, I’ll still cheer them on if they’re the ones who Spielman and CO think is our guy!! Always been a fan of the Vikings, and that won’t change no matter who’s in the jersey on Sunday! I think you’re going to be right there with me!! SKOL VIKINGS!!

    • Jason Haggard

      Some people just have to whine about everything or they are never happy. Some of them think they are the next Bud Grant…………..this guy is one and thinks he is the other.

    • Mike Bridges

      “Last time WE tried this, it was as if WE dropped a nuke on OUR whole organization.” Today’s NFL fans have got so arrogant at times! Just because WE become a FAN of a team, that does not mean WE become part of the organization! Sure, it’s fun to sit and talk about Draft positions and players. It’s fun to sit and try to come up with who the actual people in charge will pick. It’s even exciting to think about FA’s and how they may fit into our favorite team. Far, too many fans now a days carry on as if they make the decisions for the team. They carry on as if they know more than those who actually get paid to GM and Coach and then there are those who actually think that if they threaten to find another team to support, or withhold their support until the team does what they feel to be right, their favorite team will actually give in to them! Every arrogant fan should know this….GM’s and HC’s are highly unlikely reading these fan sites. There haven’t been a lot of drafted QB’s that have played long careers in Minnesota. They have depended on FA QB’s for most of their existence and there have been some very good ones but, trying to find a new QB every 2-3 years has to be difficult and Fran Tarkenton even had his best years in Minnesota during his 2nd time there. Every team would rather have a kid come in and be groomed for a couple of years and then have him have a great 10-12 yr career as the starter! That would be great and those don’t just happen on a team! This Draft may be the time it happens to Minnesota! BUT, as a fan, who chose to became Viking fan, I will continue to support the team, no matter who they do or don’t bring in, just like I have for 40+ years now!