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Raiders free agency rumors: Matt Schaub, Mark Sanchez the top QB targets in Oakland

If the Oakland Raiders have their way, Matt Schaub will play quarterback for them next season. On its own that might not be a terrible plan for a franchise that usually specializes in terrible plans.

Their back-up plans after Schaub, though, are another story.

Paul Gutierrez of passes along the Raiders’ shopping list, in order:

Matt Schaub of the Houston Texans tops the list, followed by the New York Jets‘ Mark Sanchez and current unrestricted free agents Josh Freeman and Michael Vick, in that order, according to a source.

Jump forward to #4 on the list, Vick, and that also makes sense. As for Sanchez or Freeman? That’s so the Raiders.

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  • Brian Huth

    NO NO NO!!! TP is your man. Just give him an opportunity.

    • Chris Schroeder

      He had an opportunity last year. He can run and sometimes looks good passing but way to inconsistent and can’t read his progressions very well. Takes to long up get rid of the ball. Yeah maybe a better OL would have helped but still think he’s got a lot of work to do before he’s ready to lead our offense. Matt Shaub, would be a great pick up. Not only did he go to the playoffs in 2012 but he could help mentor players like Pryor and Mcgloin so they can get better.

      • GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

        Having a weak O-Line means NOT having an opportunity. {{-_-}}

        • Chris Schroeder

          Awe Grand Master. You wisdom is unsurpassed. But light shineth from the moutain top and a voice spoketh and said “Manning’s release time is around 2 seconds, how can your O line be successful when they have to block for 10 seconds”. Manning would have made our O line look like superstars. TP doesn’t find open receivers fast enough, he takes to long to go through his progressions. Like I said, you can blame the O line somewhat, but it’s not whole problem.

          • GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

            Manning also choked in the SB. {{-_-}}

          • Chris Schroeder

            Manning is the Grand Master of playoff choking. the legion of boom was to much for the 1 and done Manning to compete with. As much as I hate the Boncos I actually felt bad for Manning. He looked like a little kid amongst men out there. Poor guy lol.

  • Bob

    No thank you.

  • Silvia Arredondo

    I don’t want this clown on our team! I rather give Pryor another chance and draft Derek Carr!

  • Bill Carter

    Draft Sammy Watkins, sign Mike Vick, IMO, the better of the four.

  • Bob Miller

    I don’t understand why the staff isn’t being more creative with Pryor. He’s not the best QB, but he is the best athlete on the field and dangerous with the ball in his hand. My fear is that he will go to another team who will not use him as a QB (except emergency QB) and find other ways to use him….and he will tear up the league. Can you imagine the talking heads….”Oh, the Raiders were foolish to let him go. Why didn’t they use Pryor like this?”
    If Pryor doesn’t want that role with the Raiders, then there is nothing we can do, but good teams play to their players strengths. If Pryor winds up with Seattle, he won’t play QB, but he won’t be on the bench either IMO.
    I don’t think Pryor is our best QB….but use what he’s got.
    Schaub, MM, draft pick.

  • erik

    Wr qb LT we need these filled these are the keys for our future hit or miss we could be great or suck

  • darin17

    Mark Sanchez isn’t with a good stamp.
    He better not become a raider..

    • darin17

      Sorry, worth a food stamp