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Arian Foster has been medically cleared to return

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Now that Houston Texans’ running back Arian Foster has returned to Twitter, I think I’ve had an important realization.

Following Foster is what it would be like to follow Rust Cohle from True Detective if he was a real person on Twitter. Check out this bit from Foster’s Twitter Bio and tell me I’m wrong:

“So small, but part of it all. A place where time doesn’t exist and infinite is familiar.”

Foster returned to Twitter after a one-year hiatus yesterday, as he apparently missed admonishing and lecturing people in 140 character blips. In the midst of a myriad of interactions with NFL fans, Foster did drop a little piece of relevant news as far as football goes:

It’s not clear if he means that he was medically cleared to return to Twitter or to return to football, but we’ll take the liberty of speculating that he meant he can start training for the Houston Texans.

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