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NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos likely to draft middle linebacker

The Denver Broncos have addressed their biggest needs this off-season in spectacular fashion.

They needed a safety, so they signed T.J. Ward almost as soon as free agency opened for business.

They needed a shutdown cornerback, so they signed Aqib Talib to a record deal.

They needed an elite pass rusher, so they signed DeMarcus Ware before he could even take a phone call from another team.

They needed a wide receiver, so they signed Emmanuel Sanders, though not without controversy.

Now comes the understated needs, which will be filled by appropriately quiet moves (relative to the excitement that has characterized their off-season thus far). One such hole on Denver’s roster is at middle linebacker, something they tried to address in free agency to no avail.

John Elway and company will now turn to the draft for help in that area, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post:

What the Broncos have to do now is come up with a Plan B free-agent list for the ‘Mike’ position, or their scouts, coaches and execs have to hunker down in the film room and find a middle linebacker gem in the draft.

I like former Michigan State captain/bad boy Max Bullough with the Broncos’ pick in the third round, No. 95 overall.”

The Broncos did the glamorous part of the off-season right, now they will have to succeed in the nitty gritty part of things to reach their ultimate goal. That process will start with finding an inside linebacker.

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