Dec 22, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) passes against the Denver Broncos during the second half at Reliant Stadium. The Broncos won 37-13. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans in ‘serious talks’ for Matt Schaub

The Oakland Raiders are desperate to find a veteran quarterback.

They have been tied to former Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback Michael Vick and former Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Josh Freeman, who are free agents.

They’ve also been involved in trade rumors regarding New York Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez.

However, the name that continues to come up with the Raiders most often is Houston Texans’ quarterback Matt Schaub.

According to Garret Heinrich of CBS Houston, citing a source, the Raiders and Texans are in “serious talks” over a trade sending Schaub to Oakland.

SportsRadio 610 learned that the Texans are trying to make the deal and eventually want a quarterback that can step in an play right away in 2014, whether that is in the draft or in a trade.

The Texans are looking to ship out Matt Schaub and his $10.5 million in salary cap cost to the Raiders, who have $59.9 million in cap space, and free up more cap room for their own ability to grab someone else in free agency or via trade.

Last season, Schaub completed 219 of 358 passes for 2,310 yards with 10 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

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  • Darrell Campanella

    He’s a good qb in oaklands system he will do good. I like him much better then Sanchez or Vick. It allows us to draft a qb in 3 rd or 4 th round and develop him. Like Fales. Then first two rounds can be on best player available

  • raider101

    RM is dumb for trying to trade for him, his going to pay him his 10 million, give away a draft pick , or trade somebody we really do need, then by week 3 he will get cut and walk away with all the money, becuse he will get beat out by the guys we already have, who ever said that reggie knows how to evaluate players must be as delusional as him. Same sh.. just a new fu%% ed up year with sum dumb guy calling the shots, I wonder if Flynn sends him a Christmas card every year with $100000 in it

    • 64 elcamino

      Be quiet,you have no idea what you are talkling about.

      • raider101
      • Chris Schroeder

        That’s right. Some people talk just to hear the sound of their own voice. Matt Schaub would beat out Pryor and Matt McGloin with his hands tied behind his back. He’s not a one hit wonder like Matt Flynn as this guy actually drove his team to a playoff berth in 2012. Matt Schaub would allow us to draft a quarterback in the later rounds or
        hold out for quarterback of a higher caliber for a lesser price at a later time, or he still young enough to become our franchise quarterback himself. It’s a win-
        win situation anyway you look at it as you have no chance of being a playoff team without a playoff caliber quarterback. we don’t
        want injury prone Vick we want Matt Schaub all day if we can get him at a fair deal

        • raider101

          Hey do think Flynn sends him a Christmas card

          • Chris Schroeder

            And a big gift wrapped bag full of candy too.

            I knew Flynn was a mistake from day one. But I wouldn’t say the same about Schab. Rm is still a first time GM and he will make mistakes along the way but as
            long as the end result is we make the playoffs either this year or next year none of these other mistakes really matters because we wouldn’t have completed the previous two years regardless because of the salary cap situation. It was just too impossible. This is the first year of the real rebuilding phase so let’s see what we can do try to be positive moving forward.

          • raider101

            This is a mistake to , schaub = suck, so Schaub my balls

          • James Schroeder

            You don’t take a team to the playoffs if you suck as a quarterback.

          • raider101

            I dont want sanchez either but how did he do it then afc championship games, twice

        • David Echard

          What…Schaub will be 33 next year. Not a Franchise guy, merely a stopgap at best.

  • PK

    I don’t think schaub is a good pick for what it will cost. I still think we should sit with McGloin let him get his growing pains in, and work through the season. Spend the money on players around the Qb and see where it goes at worst we draft a guy in the 2nd round or later rounds or even next year. The worst that could happen is we are no worse than last year and McGloin could flourish or end up our long term back up. He already has a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove he’s hungrey to get better and has already been groomed in the system with real game time experience (somewhat) put some faith in him and he might end up showing us some something. We already know he’s better than Pryor and leaps and bounds better than the thief “Jamarcus” lol!

    • raider101

      We just need to get him a better offence of line

      • PK

        This is true and Reggie is workin on that but look what he was able to do with the makeshift one he had last year. Obviously the wins were not there but the numbers were impressive and the throws for the most part were good with good zip. If the defense would have stayed to gather like in the early part if the season more wins would have come with him under center but in ways that’s better cause at least now we get a decent draft spot

        • raider101

          Not to mention how many times his WRs drop his passes, dont think they knew they were going to come out so fast and on target

          • raider101

            And he still went through his reads if the first one wasnt there that saying alot when your pocket is clossing in on you and fast, most rookies panic and just and try to force it, this kid thinks quick, if he just had a little more time, his going to be great

          • Guest

            You must not watch Raider football or football period if your trying to make the claim that Pryor is an accurate passer or that he has earned the right to play in the league, he’s a less accurate Tim Tebow who reads the field even worse.

          • raider101

            Not Pryor were talking about McGloin

          • DanfromVegas

            I don’t really like to rag on TP much these days, but your statement is true. Pryor just is not a very good QB. Great athlete though.

  • Maconslab

    All the comments made about the QBs on our roster are all but unfair. Neither QB was set up to win. There was no running game the O line was horrible and the receiving core was mediocre at best. I’m for bringing in a vet but if you think the Texans would let go of their franchise QB and he still had something in the tank y’all crazy. They are letting him go for a reason!!! He’s damaged good he was on a team that was favorite for a SB run. You drop him in Oakland as is what do you expect him to really do. Put some talent around our young QBs and let the best man win. RM has already proven he can’t judge QBs that well!! Flynn and the rookie he drafted and never played a down.

  • Don

    The media always hated on The Maverick Al Davis and the Raiders, that’s fine it will be that much sweeter when we on top!

  • Brutus

    I think McGloin needs more of a look with a better supporting cast. He showed enough to compete, but Schaub could still be a good pick up for the right deal in a trade. Someone mentioned us giving up draft picks. I’m wonder if the negotiations involve us getting draft picks? The Texans need cap space. I think Schaub’s cap figure is $14.5 million this year, $10.5 million over three years if they designate him as a June 1 cut – but they miss out on what is left of free agency since they can’t spend it until then. If they trade him, there is no cap hit and they have some money to spend in free agency. We have cap money to overpay this year if we are fairly compensated with draft picks. Maybe I am reading it wrong.

  • David Echard

    Reggie and DA will be looking for new jobs at the end of this year, it they trade for M.Schaub.

  • KloverJane

    The only way I’d root for that guy, is if someone tells him he looks constipated all the time. Seriously. Get some personality. He always looks angry. Like Cutler. Stand offish. He might workout. What about Trent Edwards?

  • Raider Grant

    Schaub is a pick six machine, and failed on a team with go to players.Put all the weight on this guy & its a bust for sure. Don’t like Vick, freeman, Sanchez, or Schaub. Wait on QB . Go Raiders!

  • Aj Turskey

    Schaub for McGloin straight up. Schaub would actually do well with Darren McFadden, he does well when the run game works. McGloin would get beat out by Keenum for the starting job anyway, So Texans dump Schaub and at least get something. Done deal.

  • tyveezy Castrovargus

    Mcgloin is our guy give him a full year as the starter an see what he do he is a like romo an if he’s the guy we have him on the bookd for next to nothing. …….and if he’s not he’s a gud cheap back up

  • tyveezy Castrovargus

    Matt schaub and mark Sanchez both had top ranked defense’s wen they took their teams to the playoffs so until we get a jj watt or a Revis we need 2 draft an elite qb……i say get jadaveon clowney n the 1st round try 2 get kelvin Benjamin or Jordan Matthews n the 2nd round and go all out for jameis Winston next year (via rg3 type trade)

  • RockRaider

    I don’t want to lose any top draft picks for shaub but he would be a good fit here in Oakland, Derek Carr also, would be a good Qb.

    • LuvMyUsa1

      Schaub is a starting caliber QB so you most likely will have to throw in a pick or two or maybe a player of some value ! Judging from whats on the roster right now , Schaub would be the starter ! Only in fantasy football can you get starting caliber players for nothing !

  • LuvMyUsa1

    Get it Done ! Schaub needs a change of scenery ! I think he will do well in Oakland . He work’s well when a team has a good running game and Oakland has that ! Schaub has had great seasons before . I think with a team like Oakland, he will thrive .