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MLB Rumors: New York Mets could trade young pitching?

The New York Mets have a lot of holes on their roster and would love to add more organizational depth. To do so might require a bold plan.

But would they go so bold as to trade top, young starting pitching? That is the question posed by John Harper of the New York Daily News, especially given the need that a team like the Arizona Diamondbacks might currently have for their rotation. Harper wonders if the team might trade unproven but high upside pitchers such as Rafael Montero or Jenrry Mejia in a package that would include help at shortstop:

Meanwhile, their most pressing need remains shortstop, and it remains to be seen if the Diamondbacks, who have postseason aspirations in 2014, get more aggressive in trading for a pitcher if Corbin needs surgery.

If so, they might go looking for an experienced starter, but depending on what they think of a Montero or a Mejia, they might be willing to deal either Owings or Gregorius for one of them, or perhaps a package of some kind.”

It’s a hairy situation for the Mets and they will have to proceed thoughtfully. Young starting pitching is the currency of Major League Baseball, after all, and a couple big mistakes with those players can set a franchise back a number of years. They also have to consider that they are not exactly in a position to win now, so a trade with valuable assets to fill a single hole might not make sense.

The Diamondbacks will certainly be shopping and they have shortstops to trade. Now they just have to wait and see if the Mets or any other potential partners emerge.

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