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NFL Rumors: 49ers will have cap room to extend Colin Kaepernick come June

The San Francisco 49ers will likely pursue an extension for quarterback Colin Kaepernick sometime soon. That time could come as soon as June based on how their salary cap situation looks to play out.

That is when cornerback Carlos Rogers‘ cap hit comes off the books. Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area lays out the situation:

The 49ers are currently $3.726 million under the salary cap. Fitting their draft picks under the cap is expected to eat up approximately $2 million in additional cap space. Then, Rogers’ post-June 1 designation will create significant savings.”

Maiocco then notes that Joe Flacco‘s mega-contract with the Baltimore Ravens might provide the model for how Kaepernick’s deal would be structured.

The deal was structured in such a way that Flacco had a $1 million base salary in the first year of his contract. And his first-year cap figure was a manageable $6.8 million. If the 49ers used that same salary structure they created nearly all the cap room they would need with Rogers’ cut.”

It will be nice for Kaepernick to get the peace of mind that comes with a contract extension so that he can focus on more important things, like taking swipes at the Seahawks in the media and getting mad at what people say on Twitter.

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