Dec 29, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) runs with the ball against the Denver Broncos during the first quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor on Oakland Raiders future: Can’t worry about things he can’t control

Will Terrelle Pryor be in black and silver next season? That’s a question nobody seems to know at this point – not even Pryor himself who recently told TMZ he’s not worried about his future with the Oakland Raiders because it’s a situation he can’t control.

Pryor was in Downtown L.A. yesterday when we just happened the 6’6″ football star — and asked him about rumors he could be shipped out of Oakland.

“I can’t really worry about the things I can’t control,” Terrelle said.

While Pryor may not be a true starting calibar NFL quarterback, the Raiders aren’t likely to get much in return via a trade and given Pryor’s cheap salary, the organization might be best served by keeping him on the roster moving forward.

For what it’s worth, Pryor told TMZ that he’s been working out this offseason like crazy which includes getting up at 5 A.M. daily and working with legendary NFL trainer Travelle Gaines.

Pryor’s future with the Raiders will likely be decided in the coming weeks depending on what signal callers the Raiders bring in, be it via the draft, trade or free agency.

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  • bizzyB

    Get that 5th rounder back

    • Bob

      He was a third rounder.

      • P Feezee

        3rd round of the Supplemental draft, not the regular draft.

        • Bob

          Right, and they lost a third round pick. The won’t get that for him.

  • joe VICE

    Hope he stays. I still think he can be a good QB. Go Raiders!

  • PK

    Make him a tight end

    • KloverJane

      Or in the slot.

    • friendship220

      Pryor – being 6’6′ and somewhere between 230-250 is likely more a WR than a TE body wise – He’s basically the same size and speed (sub 4.4) as Megatron. There aren’t any NFL QBs with Pryor’s size and speed, never have been, except for Pryor.

      Pryor could be the best QB in NFL history.

      He runs better than any of them, just as a function of being bigger and faster. At running, he’s clearly better than Brady, better than Manning, significantly better than those QBs who don’t run.

      Yes, Brady and Manning are great passers, and Pryor isn’t a great passer yet.

      If Pryor becomes a great passer, or a very good passer, brings his passer rating up, and you add that to the best runner, a dominant runner, you’d have the best ever.

      Russell Wilson just won a Super Bowl, he’s a running QB. But Pryor is better at running.

      I would like to see an exciting offense where Pryor is the QB, or A QB, and does catch passes.

      One dominant running QB (Pryor) could join another dominant running QB (Vick) on the field in a run first offense, running plays like a QB Sweep, with Pryor running right and Vick running left. This would be really hard to stop.

      But keeping Pryor and making sure that the team is build around him is the key.

      • PaxMentis

        “Russell Wilson just won a Super Bowl, he’s a running QB. But Pryor is better at running.”

        This is just foolish. Wilson is a QB who can run..not a running QB. If Pryor had half of Wison’s passing ability leadership or football brain, he might become an NFL starting QB…unfortunately he has none of the above.

        • friendship220

          Wilson was 3rd in the League in rushing yards. I’ll go with stats and not your opinion as to what a “running QB” is.

          • PaxMentis

            Obviously…it is far better for your prejudices.

            But then, one must actually watch (and understand) the game in order to use anything but stats.

          • friendship220

            You’d rather that you’d just declare who is and who is not a running QB. I’d rather have stats.

            I’ve seen that before. QB’s who do well, who run a lot are arbitrarily called “not running QBs” and then, typically, those people say “oh, no running QB has ever won the Super Bowl.”

            Here it is – if a QB is 3rd in the league in rushing yards, he’s a running QB. Period. Even if you don’t want to give a running QB credit.

  • Brian Huth

    I believe in TP and I think he has the knowledge, skills and ability to be an elite QB in this league. If he makes as much progress this offseason as he did last offseason, he will be a rising star! In TP we believe! Now who’s with me?!?!

    • James Schroeder

      Maybe with a better o-line and the addition of James Jones. We’ll see!

    • Sam” loves his Raiders” Layer

      I”m with u on that, he does have potential if we had a better OL and beyyr play calling we wouldnt be having this discussion

  • KloverJane

    Great athlete. 93 yard record setting TD run. Never forget!

    • Raider Grant

      Reminded me when I watched(in person) Bo Jackson run one back on Sea Chickens…Epic! Keep TP!

      • KloverJane

        Epic to be sure. I remember.

  • Raider Grant

    TP could of been a ROOKIE last year had he not been ousted from Ohio. He is young & willing to work to be better. People write him off based on time in NFL, but forget the young man’s age. What rookie QB’s really made an impact last year??? Keep Pryor & McGloin! Draft Marcus Mariota next year! No on Schaub,Vick,Freeman, and Senior Butt Fumble. Go Raiders!

    • friendship220

      Pryor would’ve been a rookie in 2012. He is only 24.

      Pryor is the one who can be uniquely dominant in the NFL. His passing needs to get better. But he’s the best runner.

      You can’t teach 6’6 sub 4.4 – you can’t replace 6’6 sub 4.4.

      That speed makes him potentially the best QB ever.

      I like Vick w/ Pryor. Schaub could replace McGloin, but McGloin is adequate for a Plan B offense. Mariota is good, I like him, but we should stick w/ Pryor, and not have to spend a 1st on a QB.

      Logan Thomas is a good QB for the run first system, and he shouldn’t cost a first. Also see Jordan Lynch, Taylor Martinez, Jerick McKinnon for the run first system.

      Next year, if they’re cheap, Braxton Miller, Nick Marshall. But Pryor is the best of all of them.

      • Raider Grant

        Bet Mariota could beat Pryor in a Sprint & is a true passer first & foremost. Pryor needs talented O.C./head coach to bring out his true talent. Hope that he does well if he ends up leaving Oakland.Go Raiders

        • friendship220

          Nfl draft scout has Mariota at 4.52, which is really good, but Pryor was sub 4.4. Nfl draft scout had Manziel at 4.45 and he ran 4.68 at the combine. Taylor Martinez they had at 4.42 and he ran 4.45.

          • Raider Grant

            I would like to see them race as your numbers are not current for TP. Even though I like TP, I know Mariota is a better QB & is an accurate passer with big arm whom can read defenses & progress through his check down options. Best of Luck TP! Raiders would be seriously fortunate to draft Mariota!

    • GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

      I think Vick can mentor Pryor since both have similar QB styles. {{-_-}}

  • Kevin Lurker

    He is a match up nightmare. Switch positions. Just get him the ball. This experiment at QB is played out.

    • friendship220

      The easiest way to get Pryor the ball is to have him take the snaps at QB.

      So, he should stay at QB.

      Wilson won a Super Bowl, Pryor is the better runner. Along with Vick, the best running QB in NFL history.

      • Kevin Lurker

        With all due respect, I don’t see it. He’s trying hard and that’s the problem. It should come more naturally to him. I hope I’m wrong.

  • gdubb

    I say keep TP. Let training camp settle out who we keep

  • Brutus

    I like TP, but a running qb only works if they fear the pass. He struggles to read defenses, doesn’t seem to have a good grasp on where his receivers are on the field when his primary target isn’t open, and isn’t consistently accurate when he throws. All indications are that TP puts in the max effort to get better, but this isn’t the level at which you develop those skills. You either have them by now and enhance those skills or you don’t – and this has nothing to do with intelligence. There are a finite number of qbs in the college and pro ranks and far fewer who are effective at doing these things.
    As far as converting him to another position, the first step is a willingness on his part. I don’t think he is ready to give up on the qb dream yet, which is what he would be doing if converts. It is also not that easy to change positions at this level since you are dealing with the cream of the crop. As a tight end, can he block? As a wide receiver, is he a good route runner? At both, does he have good hands to catch the ball? We’ve had far too many receivers and tight ends who have been in these positions since high school and still struggle in one or more of these areas. Its not that easy to change positions and replace a pro at the same position. Not sure what the future holds for TP. I was glad to see him win the starting job last season, but the big plays weren’t enough to overcome the shortcomings. We need a qb who can run the entire playbook and read the defenses of the opposition.

    • dwayne

      Was he struggling to read defenses, when his QBR was better than Brady’s, Brees’, and a ton of other elite QBs in the beginning of the year? His decline is a testament to , lack of good coaching, lack of depth, and an O.C calling the same damn plays, week in, week out. When teams did’nt know what he was going to do, he was amongst the best. He did’nt start struggling until, he was forced to play with the backups to the backups on the O-line. I see most of ya’ll got that ” Neon Deon” in ya, ” YA’LL MUST’VE FORGOT!”

      • Brutus

        Bad read on the issue. As soon as other teams got a few games of tape to study, they figured out how to defend him. When teams knew what he was doing, his effectiveness fell off drastically and he essentially got benched for a UFA. The Raiders’ QB coach and OC weren’t the problem. The play calling was limited for TP based on his understanding of the playbook and ability to execute the plays. If TP had the potential that you feel he does and our mgmt. team is just missing it, other GMs would be knocking down our door to shower draft picks on us to get him. From what I understand, the phones are silent.

        • GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

          You also forget Pryor had a crap O-Line. {{-_-}}

  • Antwain Chef Bones Curtis Sr.

    Pryor backs up vick and mc nugget brings us the fifth round pick we dont have now we have a completely full draft lets go too work there’s a lot of valuable ohio state player that can hold an o line together and mack looks good in silver and black melton does too, so does major wright or cromartie

  • Marty DaWorm

    Worse case scenario TP is #3 QB if a veteran is signed. Why trade?

  • Harry Seaward

    Dude is a worker and always says the right things. Attitude goes a long way with this Raider fan.
    Go TP.

  • bardicverse

    Hard to tell if Pryor will be let go. McGloin showed a lot of promise for a rookie, and had the Raiders ahead by 7 to 10 points in 4 of those losses. The Raiders defense gave up the game at the end of those. Can’t pin those losses to McGloin, which is why there are so many additions to the Raiders defense recently.

    With a veteran QB and more experience, McGloin will be one of those top 10 QBs in the next 5 or so years. Pryor is great on the scramble, but really needs to trust the pocket more, or he’s going to get really hurt like what happened to Campbell, regardless of who he goes for. If I remember right, the Raiders still have Tyler Wilson on their practice squad, so they’re working on developing him too.

    • Brutus

      Tyler Wilson was released in November and picked up by the Titans in December. He is no longer with the Raiders. Bad pick by RM, but I like that RM cut his losses immediately by initially cutting him out of camp. Too many GMs and owners hold on to their mistakes.