Feb 22, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels tight end Eric Ebron watches the other tight ends do the vertical jump during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft Rumors: Eric Ebron to visit with Bills, Lions and Ravens

Tight ends are quickly changing into the most important aspects of an offense, as the new hybrid way they’re being bred has led to the likes of Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski and even Julian Thomas to emerge as real and reliable targets for their quarterbacks.

Go back ten years and say that Tom Brady’s most reliable target is a tight end, and you’re laughed out of the room. But that’s the case today and teams are searching for franchise tight ends almost as much as they are franchise quarterbacks to throw to them. That’s why Eric Ebron from North Carolina is getting so much attention, and he revealed on PFT Live today that he’s getting special attention from a handful of teams.

Ebron said everyone in his family roots for the Giants — except his mother, who’s a Cowboys fan.

She may eventually expand her fan base to include the Bills, Lions, Ravens, or Panthers.  Ebron said that he’ll visit all four of those teams in April.

It’s not clear where Ebron will go, but it’s clear he’s going to be gone in the first-round. Tight ends have changed in the NFL and Ebron is happily benefitting from that.

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