Dec 18, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Detroit Pistons shooting guard Chauncey Billups (1) shares a laugh with teammates during the fourth quarter of Detroit

NBA Rumors: Chauncey Billups may take over Detroit Pistons after Joe Dumars

The Detroit Pistons are likely going to try and move away from Joe Duamrs in the offseason, and that will be to the delight of a lot of fans everywhere. Despite putting together a decent roster of talent, Dumars hasn’t ever been able to manage his head coaches, and the firing of Mo Cheeks this year seemed to signal the beginning of the end for Dumars.

With Dumars on his way out, the search for his replacement is already underway in the minds of some and one name that has come up is that of Chauncey Billups. The former Pistons star spoke about the possibility of joining the Pistons front office, and he told Christopher Dempsey of the Denver Post that while he loves the Nuggets, he’d be very intrigued by the idea of joining the Pistons front office.

“Obviously I would look at that (going into the front office) if that opportunity came about. That’s like my home away from home. They really adopted me there. Of course, (Denver) is always going to be my home. But Detroit is like my second home. So any opportunity that arose, I would obviously look at.”

Dumars and Billups have a good relationship, so it may even be a case where Dumars stays and takes Billups under his wing. The number of possibilities are endless, but there seems to be change coming to Detroit and a former NBA champion may be in on the whole matter.

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