Oct 27, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito (68) prepares to block against the New England Patriots during the second quarter at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Richie Incognito says he ’100 percent’ would play for the Oakland Raiders

The Miami Dolphins may have not made an official decision on the future of Richie Incognito, but he’s already looking towards what is down the road for him. Assuming he’s allowed to play in 2014, something that will almost certainly happen, Incognito will be looking for a team to play on and the Oakland Raiders may be a fit.

Speaking to NFL Network’s Mike Silver, Incognito stated that he’s 100 percent on board with playing for the Oakland Raiders, which both makes sense but may also send the wrong message for his behavioral rehabilitation.

Per NFL.com:

“I’m 100 percent into that,” Incognito said Tuesday night. “I think that would fit my personality the best. It makes so much sense. I know (offensive coordinator Greg) Olson and (offensive line coach Tony) Sparano, and I’m a loyal guy, and I’d love to play for them again. And, of course, the Raiders have that aura.”

It also makes sense because the Raiders have been notorious for having an image as the bad guys, and in case you forgot, Incognito is the ultimate NFL bad guy at the moment for all the wrong reasons. He may be trying to move past the bullying scandal he created for himself, but signing with the Raiders may send the wrong message, even if that’s not what Incognito intends.

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  • gary Adkins

    Ugh no thanks don’t need the media circus, like the quality guys RMAC is bringing in

    • Bob

      Yeah, would Reggie even bring him in?

  • Reggie Miles

    I’ll take him with a contract full of incentives. He’s better than any of our guards

  • Julio Echeverria

    My question is, why would it send the wrong message? What is that message? Care to elaborate Josh Hill?

  • Josh Boone

    Don’t even think about reaching out to him.


    IMO RM would not bring him in. Too much drama from Miami, his character is not in line with what Mckenzie looks for in a player. And more than anything, him and Antonio Smith have had their own beef in the past. Couple that with Martin rt across the bay and it would be a distraction that the team doesn’t need.

    • KloverJane

      I think he’s probably figured out his social media crap has screwed him. Hopefully learned a thing or two and won’t repeat that drama. A minimum contract and incentives too keep his mouth shut and quit texting.

  • Don

    He fits the raiders old image plus I would be funny because the whiners across the bay have Martin. And we play the niners this season

  • Tony Torres

    Look, someone is going to bring Incognito in, so why not Oakland. He fills a position of need and is a proven good player. I see no reason why the Raiders wouldnt offer him a 1 year contract to prove himself. He wont come expensive either. I dont condone what he did, but I dont think he should be black balled for it either.

  • James Schroeder

    Why can’t people just focus on the real issue. Jonathan Martin was a whiny little crybaby who can’t handle a little hazing in the NFL. Hazing has been going on in the NFL since forever ago. Hazing is a technique used by players and coaches alike to turn boys into men, to make hard nosed, hard core men out of soft tissue week boys. If you want to grind in the trenches you can’t be afraid of a little smack talking because at the line of scrimmage that’s all that takes place before the battle begins.

    Richie incognito isn’t the problem, the problem is Jonathan Martin. The 40 whiners can have that little crybaby, we want a real man who was playing a real man’s sport and that my friend is Richie incognito who is the victim in this whole charade.

    I for one think it’s a crying shame how watered-down the NFL has become with all the crappy officiating rules. Theyre turning a game of gladiators into a game of pansies, and now the NFL’s openly excepting poll jockeys. What’s next “women”. nothing against them or women or anything but seriously. This is football!!!

    If there’s going to be some retarded media article out about how bad of the team the Raiders are with their old-school reputation and the perfect fit for Richie incognito because now he’s the bad guy, well so be it. I would welcome him any day because of his talent and his toughness. Toughness is something I couldn’t say about Jonathan Martin.

  • KloverJane

    But he went to treatment. He’s all better now after group. Lol

  • http://www.cummingchiropracticmedspa.com/ Michael Klein

    SIGN HIM UP! then we can focus on play makers in the draft, and not feel like we need to draft another lineman. The O line would be in good shape we could start drafting skill positions.