Mar 19, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks shooting guard J.R. Smith (8) and New York Knicks power forward Amar

Amare Stoudemire says he plans on retiring with New York Knicks after winning multiple NBA championships

Amare Stoudemire really doesn’t want to leave the New York Knicks, and he’s starting to lobby for a spot on the roster moving forward. He’s not wrong for pouring out his love for the Knicks as he’s viewed as a potential offseason cap casualty that the Phil Jackson regime would rather cut loose and more on from than hang onto.

All of that is in the future, and Stoudemire has been pondering that plenty as well. He recently sat down with NBA scribe Jared Zwerling to discuss what he thinks the future holds, and the big man hopes it’s a future full of Knicks games right down to the very last game of his career. 

I want to be a Knick for life and win multiple championships here. I don’t want to go anywhere else, especially with Jackson coming in. He has an incredible legacy; it’s probably unmatched. With a leader like that, it can only become a positive output with that type of leadership.

We don’t know what the future really holds for Stoudemire, but his wish to remain with the Knicks might have to come at a serious discount to him. He’s not lived up to his contract and the Knicks need the money to lure in stars. While he wants to remain in the Knicks plans, that just might not be possible and Stoudemire’s career continues to be more and more heartbreaking to watch.

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  • Jim Dowd

    more and more heartbreaking? he is playing great now….yes, he is overpaid but i would love to have him stay ont he team at the right price.

  • sickswiff

    IF he really want’s to stay a knick then he will have to OPT out of his contract this year and resign for a lot less.If he don’t he will either be traded or let go when contract exps. He is more valuable as a trade chip this coming summer or the trade deadline… Just food for thoughts.

  • Joseph Jefferson

    Here’s the deal. Amare knows he must sign for less money after his contract is up. However, look at how he is playing right now. He looks very close to being the old Amare. As a matter a fact, you can now see the work he has put in with Hakeem start to manifest. This seven game winning streak could not have been possible without Amare Stoudemire. The knicks are not going to find a power forward that can finish around the rim or with the blood and guts that he brings to the court. It would NOT be a wise move in trading him or letting him go. I think that the author of this article is as fatalistic as he is wrong.

  • King & Queen of N.Y.

    Stat has been our weakest link he has to play better and stay Consistent

  • wstaton29

    This is a tough call, I’ve always been a big fan of STAT. However this is a business and the team has not gotten there monies worth. I agree with all of you. If we keep him it has to be for much less, because he owes us.