WWE's Daniel Bryan and Triple H during Monday Night RAW.

Bret Hart believes in Daniel Bryan

With WrestleMania XXX just a couple weeks away, fans are anticipating the match up between Triple H and Daniel Bryan that will decide who will be included in the Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

It was pretty obvious that nobody was interested in a main event that only involved WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and the 2014 Royal Rumble winner, Dave Batista. Batista has taken on a bit of a heel role ever since he returned to the company after fans gave him heat for winning the Rumble.

If you’re unaware of the stipulation for Triple H and Daniel Bryan’s match, I’ll do a quick summary of what could happen. If Triple H is able to beat Daniel Bryan, he’ll be involved in the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. If Daniel Bryan defeats Triple H, he’ll be the one competing in the main event.

There are several possible ways that this could end up, either one of them win fair and square, or it turns into a Fatal Four Way. Right now my money is on Daniel Bryan being involved and possibly walking away with the championships, since one result would end up with all three heels working the match.

Now I’ve made a couple other posts today in regards to Bret Hart talking to the Boston Herald about a several topics. He’s opened up on what happened at WrestleMania IX and even discussed CM Punk. But where does he stand when it comes to main event of WrestleMania XXX?

Here’s what he had to say about that topic:

“I hope they give Daniel Bryan his chance to win the belt at WrestleMania. He earned it a long time ago, but it wouldn’t surprise me – like Charlie Brown with the football – if they pull it away from him one time. I really hope they give him his proper run, as he hasn’t had the opportunity yet to be the champion he deserves to be. Hopefully this year at WrestleMania, it will be a crowning achievement for Daniel Bryan.” Bret Hart told the Boston Herald.

If Daniel Bryan is able to pick up the three count on Triple H and Randy Orton/Batista, the WWE Universe will go absolutely crazy.

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