Dec 22, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) looks to the sideline during the second quarter against the Denver Broncos at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Trade: Oakland Raiders expected to acquire Matt Schaub from Texans

The Houston Texans are on the verge of trading quarterback Matt Schaub to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for a late-round draft pick in this May’s NFL Draft. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the trade is expected to happen soon after the Raiders made a stronger push for he Texans quarterback than the Cleveland Browns did.


The move comes on the heels of the Texans signing backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick on Thursday. John McClain from the Houston Chronicle wrote on Thursday that a Schaub trade would net the Texans a draft pick and that appears to be the case.

Nothing is official yet, but it appears Matt Schaub will be an Oakland Raider before the day is through.

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  • Antwain Chef Bones Curtis Sr.

    Bad move they were gonna cut him and if oakland is where he wants to be let him sign as a free agen. Still say vick or freeman are better options but oh well mat it is then#somewhatexcitedbutmostlydisappointed#f…. youreggie

    • Guido

      Schuab has lead the Texas to the playoffs and stays healthy. I would take him over Vick any day

      • Antwain Chef Bones Curtis Sr.

        Ok you win! I watched tape and reviewed stats!#2014playoffsherewecomesilverandblackrules

  • Tony maez

    Only bad move I see is 14.5 mill cap hit!! Way to much for him!! But if I know Reggie he will restructure before trade!! At least he better if not let texans drop him!!!

    • 757Raiderfan

      I think that’s part of the reason he is doing it. With that having to spend 85% of your money I think that’s right he is taking the hit on purposebut out of the qbs available he is the best I think

      • Tony maez

        Makes sense BUT restructure and get him and desean Jackson and restructure him now you get 2 good players to get to 85% I think desean is worth a 3 or 4 rounder.

        • 757Raiderfan

          I agree not sure about desean though. He is a great player but I don’t know if we need a guy crying about his contract every year don’t think big RM would like that very much.

          • Tony maez

            True!! Sammy Watkins it is

          • 757Raiderfan

            I’m hoping we go after Mike Evans I believe his name is. Guy is huge and could go up and get the ball. Huge end zone threat. We already got speed haha.

  • Bob

    Mark my words; Bad Move.

    • Pridenpoise

      Agree, and if it turns out to be a bad move, it will be Reggie’s last one.

  • Gus Gustoffson

    Better than freeman and hopefully we still draft Carr

  • mccall316

    The Raiders have to spend money according to the rules of the salary cap and even restructuring this deal would still help hit the cap ceiling. McKenzie isn’t done making moves and losing a late rounder for a guy who can come in and fight for the starting job is fine by me. I will take Schaub over Vick. Also now they can clearly forget about drafting a qb with the 5th pick overall and get Watkins or a lineman on either side of the ball. My hope is to trade back with someone and get additional picks. Also don’t forget that Pryor is still available for a trade bait with someone. I would ask a late round pick from him in return if the coaching staff isn’t sold on his skills as a QB. There are still players out there for the Raiders to sign in free agency but most of the moves are going to come from the draft now. I don’t see how this is at all bad in anyway

  • Chris Schroeder

    Schab lead the Texans to the playoffs in 2012, and last year many picked the Texans to win the Super Bowl before the season began. What happened in Texas wasn’t all his fault. The dude is a good QB, and way better than anything we currently have. As been proven.

    • KloverJane

      Could be a match made in heaven. He needs to embrace the mystique we once had. As long as he gets that look off his face. That constipated Jay Cutler standoffish expression. All kidding aside, I hope you’re right.

  • Arty G

    Now we can draft Mack at 5…cross my fingers

  • KloverJane

    Looks like De Sean then Sammy in April…hmm

  • Anthony Hughes

    we need to get schaub some weapons d. jackson sammy watkins and or jemicheal finley

  • Ervin Barrentine

    I love this feeling is the world screaming Raider Nation!

  • Antwain Chef Bones Curtis Sr.

    Desean should be next trade target, watkins is not a need. We need mack, clowney, robinson, in that order a trade down works to add sec and fifth pick in trade down and grab some playmaker. This draft is heavy on defense and o-line

  • Antwain Chef Bones Curtis Sr.

    Shazier is all ill say gud day!