Oct 13, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) looks at the scoreboard against the St. Louis Rams during the second half at Reliant Stadium. The Rams won 38-13. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Schaub named Raiders starting QB

After Mr. Pick-Six Matt Schaub was traded to the Oakland Raiders for a sixth-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on Friday, it became clear that he would have the inside track to earning the Raiders starting quarterback job.

While Schaub was expected to start, the Raiders wasted no time in officially announcing that the former Houston Texans signal-caller, who was benched in favor of undrafted Case Keenum last year, would be the team’s starting quarterback for the 2014 regular season.

We brought Matt Schaub in to be our starting quarterback,” Allen said. “We feel very confident that he is going to be able to come in and function in that role and be outstanding for us. Obviously, we love having competition within the team, but right now Matt Schaub is our starting quarterback.

“This is a guy that is a two-time Pro Bowl player. When you get an opportunity to add those type of players, that’s what we’re looking to do.”

If Schaub can look like the player that he was when he was making those Pro Bowl appearances then the Raiders will be happy with their sixth-round investment. However, if he looks like the player that he was a year ago the Raiders will have made another failed quarterback trade.

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  • Scott N Liz Barnes

    Would rather they sign Sanchez

    • Gus Gustoffson

      Why? Cause schaub had one bad year? Sanchez is garbage.

      • DanfromVegas

        Schaub is better but Sanchez is not garbage. Two trips to AFC West title game in his first two seasons. He was not properly handled, and will rebound.

  • Stanley Carr

    Hope it works… Go raiders

  • Larry Cole

    I’d rather re-sign Flynn than sign Sanchez

  • Mark Shafer

    This is a low risk deal to fill the hole at our quarterback position. While we will pay 11 million for Matt’s services next year If we keep him as our starter, we don’t have to pay him if we decide to go another direction. If he comes in and does great we keep him. If he plays poorly we can send him off else where.

    • Ben Factor

      Exactly. Hardly a stupid trade!

    • chris long

      well its a low risk for the franchise but huge risk for Mackenzie and allen, if he blows it and ruins the season for them then i think we all know there most likely gone. i think this is a better move then to trust matt or pyror tho

  • James Schroeder

    It’s very simple when you get when you look at Schaub’s success in Houston and when he lost it. Schaub is a quarterback that does certain things extremely well. Play action for one. He relies heavily on his run game to open up his passing attack. He lost a couple key pieces in his offense that rattled him because he wasn’t clicking with his other options. Also keep in mind the team is not just one man. There’s lack of protection, poor playcalling, lack of effort by the backup running back and back up wide receiver, there were also deeper issues in house with the coaches and coaching staff that instead of trying to work with Schaub in what he felt comfortable doing they jumped right to replacing him. The Texans mishandled Schaub and a big part of the reason he struggled with his confidence. He played well for them for five years, he has two Pro bowl appearances and has taking them to the playoffs. This was no coincidence. Notice they replaced Schaub with case Keenum and still finished 2–14. When you look at the games Schaub played in he really only played poorly and two games. One was against the 49ers.

    The Raiders have proven they can have great success in the run game just as they did last year even with a suspect offensive line. This will open up what Shaub does best (play action), then he will have multiple outlets in receivers and tightens and even a fullback who can get open and make plays. Having James Jones’s experience and leadership in the wide receiver corps will bring out the absolute best in some of our best wide receivers in Denarious Moore, Rod Streeter, Andre Holmes, and the rest of our young receivers.

    The Raiders will put Matt Schaub into a system that he can operate and they will make him feel comfortable, and he will bounce back this year. I’m glad to have him aboard and I can’t wait to see the Raiders slowly become the juggernaut they are destined to be

    • John Thomas Hurdle II

      James, I like what you said. That the coaches in Houston lost faith in Schaub. Well the same was in Oakland with Pryor. Now you said this coaches staff will make Schaub comfortable. I sure hope you are right. That O-line has to get mean. Block that pass rush especially the Broncos edges. Our run game should be awesome this year. Reece, as a tail back behind Owlege. Or Murray behind Reece or Owlege. McFadden is relief. That would be 500lbs coming through the hole. Let see if this coaching staff can do the right thing.

      • James Schroeder

        Yeah but what sucks for Pryor is they never intended to make him their starter, and only was the starter because Matt Flynn sucked badly in the preseason. The O-line was crap all year so Pryor was always looking to run which as a NFL caliber QB you can only do so much before you start getting the crap sacked out of you like Pryor did. Then they were quick to leave McGloin in even after Pryor was healthy. Let’s face it. Pryor was doomed in Oakland the second Al Davis passed away. If he was smart he would have begged to be traded. Just saying, “faith in Pryor” was never the case as he was only to fill a void in a makeshift team with 26 new players who were mostly has beens. The plan was always been to free up the dead Money and invested in productive talented experienced pro NFL players with a franchise quarterback or a experienced stop gap quarterback which Pryor was neither to this new regime. He lacks the decisiveness and instincts to read his progressions and make the pinpoint passes in a quick enough fashion where the receiver gets to the ball as the ball arrives. That is Peyton Manning-ess and that is what Pryor lacks and what the Raiders wanted to achieve. In Schaub they will get that. That is what I mean when I say they will put their faith in him and make him feel comfortable in the system that he can operate. The only way he can blow it is if we do not have a strong
        O-line like last year and if our running game takes a step back, otherwise I can see Schaub doing great things in Oak town.

        • John Thomas Hurdle II

          OK, I understand, But how can we say Pryor can not read his Progressions when he never got a chance to show it. Our front O-line. Was crap the games Pryor played. For the same O-line In KC. Matt Flynn was destroyed. So is Pryor still under contract? If so I would be trying to trade him to Chicago. Tresman can teach him like Gannon and Grousman.
          For a draft pick.

          • James Schroeder

            Yes the O-line was part of it, but he was timed on several series scrambling for an upwards of 10 seconds. Peyton Manning’s average release time was 2–3 seconds. You noticed when they went with Matt McGloin he was throwing the ball left and right with no problem as he led the Raiders to a victory over the Houston Texans in his very first game. Poise, accuracy, decisive decision-making all take part in the progressions of an offense. Most offenses have 3 to 4 options, the last one being running. I watched enough film on Pryor throughout the season to realize that he was missing several opportunities to throw to his open targets and several bad throws to target that were being too well covered. Maybe a suspect O-line was why he got rattled but with a veteran that usually doesn’t happen. Also, people jump to blaming the O-line when the play seems to break down but when offensive lineman have to block for upwards of 10 seconds they get worn out before they can really even begin. The loss of Jared Veldeer is what set that whole mindset in motion because of Pryors lack of success when everybody was shouting Pryor/Pryor from the rooftop, people did not want to believe he was part of the problem, then the O-line was blamed. Yes, they should trade Pryor instead of wasting his time with their organization. The Raiders clearly want an old-school type of stand in the pocket gunslinging quarterback as opposed to the new trend of mobile quarterbacks or else they would have went after Michael Vick to educate Pryor on now to become successful at that. But Pryor doesn’t take up a lot of Space right now and his upside is still worth further evaluation so maybe they will see what happens during the course of the year and just maybe he will get his second chance. That’s the great thing about the Matt Schaub deal is that he has no guaranteed money from the Raiders organization unless he starts the regular season so he needs to prove himself in the preseason much like Matt Flynn did only without the risk with the exception of the sixth round pick which is a small price to pay for that caliber quarterback

  • raider101

    MR PICK- SIX, lol, its true go to youtube (matt schaub 2013) and see for yourself, instead of taking the sack he closes his eyes and just lobes it up, not just once every time, he needs everything working for him just to be a decent Qb , and for them to say its his job and dont have to compete for it, you would of thought they would of learnd with Flynn,

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    I am not upset that got Matt Schaub. But did Dennis Allen not learn last year when he sad ” Matt Flynn is our starting QB”. and he did not make it though the season. Yes Matt is an up grade but if our front line we had last year, he would have the same effect he had in Houston. They had the same issues. So Let it be the competition.