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NFL Rumors: Is Jerry Jones giving more power to son, Stephen?

It’s not often that you hear about something happening with the Dallas Cowboys on a personnel level that Jerry Jones isn’t involved with up to his knees. But that was the case earlier this week when Dallas signed free-agent DT Henry Melton, who–according to the Dallas Morning News–said he had not had any interaction with the Cowboys’ owner/GM.

Melton said that Jones’ son Stephen–who is the team’s executive vice president–was his primary contact in his negotiations with the Cowboys, which probably left a lot of Dallas fans wondering (or is it hoping) that Jerry Jones was taking a step back and giving more power to his son.

Apparently not that case, sorry to burst your bubble folks.

“Jerry had a business function that he just couldn’t miss,” Stephen said on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM].

So I guess things are still the status quo in Big D, but that doesn’t mean that change can’t come. Eventually all absolute rulers of teams end up passing things along to one of their children or a preordained successor, and Jerry Jones will be no exception to that rule.

If Stephen does begin to take on a bigger role, it will be interesting to see the change in timbre of the Cowboys camp and locker room.

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  • SmartThinking

    Any GM worth his salt would have been there for an event this big and with this much meaning to the upcoming season.

    Rather than pose the question of “is Jerry passing duties off to his son?”‘ A better question should be, “Why is the Cowboys organization still a rudderless ship?”

  • Scott.

    I just need one question answered to put any stock into this theory of Jerry distributing power to others. That one question is why? Why now? Ok two questions. Jerry is pretty to the point guy. Tells opponents about all our injuries, who is calling the offensive plays and an array of other garbage to any microphone on. I have not heard one statement out of the egotistical owner that would make me believe that he is anything short of the shot caller.

  • Juanito Juanito


  • JoeDaBeast

    Jerry gave his son his marching orders and Stephen executed it. Pretty cut and dry.