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NFL Rumors: Washington Redskins not counting on Tanard Jackson at safety

Tanard Jackson looked like he was going to be the answer at safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but then he got suspended for an entire season for violating the substance abuse policy. Jackson then looked like he had gotten his life together and was going to be the answer at safety for the Washington Redskins — and then he got suspended for an entire year after violating the substance abuse policy again.

As sad as it is to say, the term ‘ broken record’ applies to Tanard Jackson as his NFL career has been broken by his repeated mistakes. The Redskins are still holding out hope that he can get his life together and help at safety but Redskins writer John Keim isn’t optimistic.


It’s not just that he’s been sidelined, it’s that he hasn’t worked out with an NFL team, sat in meeting rooms or been around the game. It would be awfully tough for him to step in and contribute at the level they need. They were wrong to hope he could be the guy two years ago, and they would be wrong again. I root for Jackson to get his life in order, but they need a legitimate solution, not a hopeful one.

Jackson’s situation is a tragic one, but it’s one the Redskins will likely move on from. He’s proved he can’t be trusted off the field numerous times in his past and he’s missed more NFL games than he’s played. He’s running out of chances and the Redskins aren’t going to wait on him forever.

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