Jan 5, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; The NFC Wild Card Banner during the 2013 NFC wild card playoff football game at between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field. San Francisco won 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Playoff expansion could lead to preseason changes

With the NFL’s annual meeting set to begin on Monday, league rule changes have begun to share the free-agent focus that has taken over the offseason.

One of the rule changes that is being considered is the expansion of the playoffs to 14 teams from 12.

While it doesn’t look like that will change this year, Bengals president Mike Brown thinks it will happen in 2015 and that it could also offset some changes to the preseason schedule.

“If you had another wild card game, that would produce a revenue stream that could be used to offset money lost if you did something with the preseason,” Brown said. “I’m not saying there’s just one thing to do with the preseason. There could be a lot of ways to approach it. Cut it back one game, two games. Would you just reduce the prices? I’m not sure how that would evolve, but this gives you an opportunity to do that if you chose and still have a revenue stream that would be comparable, which would appeal to the players, as much as they talk about the preseason. They aren’t looking to go back in revenue. This might be a way to satisfy everybody.”


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  • Amar S.

    This is so stupid. Preseason games are important cause it gives the coaches a better chance at evaluating the team’s depth. Remember, they already cut the amount of practices a team is allowed to hold, cutting preseason will make it harder for coaches to build their teams.

    • John Duquette

      To be sure you make good points but I think Johnny’s point is well taken. It is preseason and those money grubbin’ billionaires show give the fans a price break to allow them to see the new guys and see first hand how their beloved football teams are doing. Besides us Johnnys gotta stick together

      • Amar S.

        As a fan, I really enjoy watching the backups go in. It makes me feel better and more relieved to know whether or not my team has sufficient depth rather have less knowledge about it.

        By time preseason starts, I miss football so much that I don’t care anyway about prices!

  • Johnny

    Yes… But as a season ticket holder, they make us pay full price for preseason games… I won’t even drive to the stadium to watch a game where your starters play 1 Qtr…

    • Daniel Alvarado

      real fans want to see how deep our team is…..second and third string is kinda important they can play their way to start in pre-season

      • Johnny

        I’m sorry… I must not be a real fan.. for 40 years..

        • Stefanie Smith

          I love it when people start talking about real fans. Not necessary to get ripped off just so we can call ourselves real fans. Yes, absolutely, the prices of the pre-season games should be cut.

          If we want to be real fans, we don’t have to be stupid ones.

          • Johnny

            Thankyou… It’s ridiculous!! I pay $250 a game for 2 tix & parking pass.. And they charge me that for 10 games.. 2 of which are for the preseason games??? Crazy!!

        • Daniel Alvarado

          and in those 40 years u didnt catch the importance of pre season… it just seemed like youre just worried about the big names

      • bbies1973

        Yes, we want to see those players. We want to know the depth of the team. However, expecting us to pay the same price as a regular season game to watch players who may eventually not even make the roster is like saying we should pay NFL prices to watch college games.

        • Johnny


        • Daniel Alvarado

          but just because youre not willing to pay dosent take away from the importance of the games

      • Michael Lizalde

        Real fans buy season tickets regardless of having to pay for 2 preseason games that are completely worthless to watch in person.

  • Mike Brennan

    Baseball doesn’t even charge full price for spring training games and that money grubbing MLB I’m talking about. The NFL should cut the price down or make it more fan based

    • Johnny