Mar 24, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks to members of the media during a press conference at the NFL Annual Meetings. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Goodell on Jim Irsay: Wait for facts before disciplining

The NFL is facing a tough decision regarding Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay following his arrest for driving while intoxicated and felony drug possession. At the NFL Annual Meetings, commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about Irsay and potential discipline and Goodell said they’d wait to understand the facts before deciding. Goodell could suspend Irsay and force him to take time away from the Colts.

“We obviously will want to understand the facts before we take any steps as it relates to any potential discipline,” Goodell said, via Pro Football Talk. “But obviously any policies, or any laws that are broken, whether you’re commissioner, owner, player or coach, those are subject to discipline.”

Goodell did acknowledge that  Irsay voluntarily is seeking treatment, and called it “the most important step, at least initially.”

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