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Jameis Winston allegedly punched in fight between FSU and Florida baseball team (Video)

The Florida Gators and Florida State Seminoles were playing baseball and apparently things got out of hand. As a Seminoles player was running to first base a Gators player stood in front of him, the two collided and a fight broke out. Some people on Twitter say that Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston, who plays football and baseball for the Seminoles, was punched in the face.

Others are saying no punches were thrown and Winston wasn’t punched. There seems to be a general consensus that he was amongst the bodies in the scuffle though. There is video at the bottom so you can judge for yourself but it isn’t the best quality and hard to make out.

[UPDATE: Deadspin has a higher quality video of the fight and it looks like the correct answer is that Winston was not punched.]

The tweet that started it:


There was this response:

And a Twitter search found these tweets:





Here are the videos:

[UPDATE: A better, high quality video from Bleacher Report:]

As a result, three players were ejected.


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  • Laural Wilson

    Blake Haley is an Idiot ….

  • Tallaman

    There were no punches. Winston was far from the action, only coming out to show appropriate support for his teammates. This article was obviously intended to draw a few clicks. Poorly done.

  • Christian Gannon

    Baseball players need to learn how to fight. Bunch of girls pushing each other and hopping around like clowns. Very disappointed in you guys as a profession. Get some B_lls!