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Jerry Jones: 'Our cap is requiring us to do the things that are good for our future'

The Dallas Cowboys are dealing with another tight cap situation in free agency and the offseason. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said they’re looking to the future, and that the situation is putting them in a good situation for the future.

“We’re loading up to the extent we can,’’ Jones said, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “We’re also doing a good job for our future, the future being the next two, three, four years out.

“But our cap is requiring us to do the things that are good for our future.’’

It hasn’t been a difficult adjustment for Jones though.

“Not at all,’’ Jones said. “In my life, in my career, I’ve had many times when I could be more aggressive because of the financial shape that I was in and times I had to be pretty conservative because of the financial shape I was in. The art of the deal is to make the adjustments.

“There is no question we pushed it to the hilt in the belief that this was the time to do it, a time when (Tony) Romo was arguably at one of the highest times of his career.

“When I look back over the last three years, that was the time to make the investment. And we did.’’


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  • SmartThinking

    Sounds to me like big Jones is admitting he’s in bad financial shape. I’ll bet you that his stadium is dragging him back to reality! Huge monthly mortgage payments and fewer and fewer customers could easily lead to his financial undoing!

    • Earl Robertson

      Good point but I don’t think fans will quit buying seats and caps

      • SmartThinking

        Cowboys fans and NFL game TV rights pay most of the mortgage. It’s the other activities at his venue that pay the full load and make big Jones’ margins. College games and motocross races are lagniappe for Jones.