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Raiders are expected to waive or trade Terrelle Pryor by April 21

Since the Oakland Raiders have acquired quarterback Matt Schaub, quarterback Terrell Pryor wants out of town. Pryor has reportedly asked for a trade.

There were reports that the Raiders were trying to trade Pryor and that they could release him.


Now a report from CSN Bay Area has put a deadline on that move at April 21st.

The Raiders would obviously prefer to trade Pryor but, if a market doesn’t emerge, they are prepared to release him. Marvez reports that the Raiders would cut Pryor in April. It’s expected before April 21, when Raiders offseason workouts are allowed to begin.

Is there a market for Pryor though?

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  • Glenn

    Keep him! Athletic and big. Talented and teachable. I get sick of all the TP bashing. The young man has rare athleticism.

    • friendship220

      Maybe the Raiders want to suck on purpose. Why else would they hire Olson in the first place? Never went to the playoffs. Fired 3 times. You’d only hire Olson if you want to suck on purpose.

      • KloverJane

        Greg Knapp never awoke ….

  • Carl Elftman

    Mistake letting him go, but the damage has been done by the front office and head coach. They will be long gone and we will see Pryor have a good to great career not in the Silver and Black.

  • Chris Schroeder

    Wow, it’s amazing how many TP supporters there still are even when he ranked 31st in the league as a starting quarterback. Yeah lots of upside and potencial there. Of course when you’re at the bottom there’s nowhere to go but up.

    The truth about Pryor s that he is extremely athletic but he lacks smarts to be a quarterback who can potentially develop at a high-level. Sorry TP supporters, but aside from the 500 and something rushing yards his other numbers were completely disastrous. He seriously should think about switching to a wide receiver or tight end if he wants to have a serious career in the NFL. Just an honest opinion from a guy who watches every single raider game and have seen various types of quarterbacks so this is a pretty easy call when it comes to Terrel Pryor. He’s indecisive, lacks good judgment, gets confused easily. Sure he could run for his life as a QB but ask Michael Vick how well that worked out for him i.e. Injured a lot. I wish him nothing but the best of luck in his journey. Another incredibly talented and athletic player drafted by Al Davis That just didn’t have any brains. The old raider way!!! Hopefully the new regime spends a little more time in the interview room then drooling over what numbers they put up at the combine

    • KloverJane

      He needs support. Wide outs getting open past ten yards. O line that blocks. Mc Fadden healthy. Defensive players that pass rush and sack the other QB. Interceptions so the offense can stay on the field and get touchdowns. That’d help huh? :-/

      • James Schroeder

        Yeah we can put the blame on the wide receivers or we could put the blame on the O-line or we could pass the blame onto the running backs. i’m sure they can all share the blame for Terrel Pryor’s inability to lead an offense, but when I watched McGloin sling in up and down the field with receivers getting open no problem, then it raises the question of why Pryor scrambles upwards of 10 seconds before he either runs, throws an incomplete pass, or gets sacked. McGloin wasn’t all the great either but as a passer he was far better than Pryor. Neither one of them is ready to be a starter in this league at this point thus the reason for bringing Matt Schaub. We could speculate to death about the “what ifs” when it comes to Pryor but you can’t teach instincts and you can teach good judgment. These are things that come natural, you either have them or you don’t. Maybe with a little more time he can develop, who knows. I just don’t see it. However, I think it’s great that Pryor has supporters and people stand behind him no matter what. I know one things for certain, he will be either traded or released by the end of April per his request so I wish him the best of luck and as far as him being a raider that’s a mute point after that. Raider nation must move on. Next season we can talk about how the Raiders mess up getting rid of Pryor or Schaub showing us something we haven’t seen since the Rich Gannon days and Pryor will be a distant memory.

        • KloverJane

          Very true. I just didn’t think he deserves the boot. If Denarius can’t grow up and catch then that QB looks inaccurate. He is inconsistent. Like a sock in a dryer.
          I liked Mcgloin too. That o line was utter trash. And who knows what we got so far, til draft and OTA’S. The new Schaub might be a moot point.