Feb 21, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer speaks to the media in a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft 2014: Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer calls Johnny Manziel Pro Day a 'sideshow'

There’s no question that Johnny Manziel’s Pro Day on Thursday was truly unprecedented. There was rap music in the background, a former president in attendance, and Johnny Football even was the first player to wear pads as ESPN and NFL Network cameras took in the scene live.

Well, new Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was not impressed one bit, even going so far as to call all of it a “sideshow.”

For anyone that has known Zimmer and his coaching style throughout his years in the league as a defensive coordinator, this shouldn’t really come as that much of a shock. He’s about as “no nonsense” as one coach can get, so today’s event probably wasn’t really his cup of tea.

But, that still doesn’t hide the fact that Zimmer and company in Minnesota may turn toward Manziel in the first round of the NFL Draft if he’s still there, seeing as they’re in the market for a quarterback.

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  • Ken Tomlin

    The Wilfs could’ve been there, and the Vikings will still not draft Manziel! All the Vikings are doing right now is making sure they look at each QB. So, I don’t put much stock in who all attended. If no one had shown up, like they’re saying about the browns, then I’d be worried that they were seriously considering him! Manziel would not mesh well with Zimmer, not to mention he’d be a poor fit for Norv’s scheme.

  • Wallabear

    Isn’t every “Pro Day” choreographed? What a stoopid [sic] comment from Zimmer. Truth is, Norv Turner should be HC, and ZImmer should have stayed with Cincy since he is already doomed-to-fail in Mini-Apple.

    • Chris Schroeder

      Wow first of all kid zimmer is what this team needs. He won’t be a pushover like the last 6 coaches we’ve had. The best player will play. Its not gonna be like it was with trash Frazier won favored certain veterans instead of young talent. Second, turner is an oc and that’s all he’s going to be. Plus manziel loves the spot light. A lot of baggage comes with manziel so I’d rather have Carr! He has a cannon for an arm and nor will mold him in his first year then start him in his second. He will be way better then his trash brother

      • Wallabear

        Get a Wilf of this: “All Day” Peterson and HC Zimmer are going to clash (i.e., A.P. will want to put the “pedal-to-the-metal” while Zimmer will want to “put on the brakes” (limit A.P.’s at-bats, as it were). Mike Zimmer is not a Head Coach and will fail. If Norv Turner doesn’t succeed Zimmer, then Marvin Lewis will hahahaha!

        • Wayne Davis

          Ridiculous comment ???!!!!.. Clearly you have Zero idea of what your taking abt !!! There a clear reason Turner isn’t in consideration for HC any longer HE’S A BETTER OC!!… trust an believe Zim will not have that much to do with the offense since he’s a defensive coach

  • David Mallow

    Pro Day for Manziel today was a joke, and anyone that disagrees is a complete fool that is too blind to see this kid will be a distraction, maybe not his entire career but for a while.. Rap music? Pads? And a former President? Zimmer nailed it, it was a complete SIDESHOW… not taking away from an ok performance, but all that is attatched to him may be a huge problem come draft day… and Wallabear, youre an idiot…good day Vikings fans

  • Wayne Davis

    Smoke screen in hopes Bridgewater/Bortles falls … If not it’s defense at 8