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Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels agree to six-year, $140 million extension

Los Angeles Angels’ outfielder Mike Trout appears to be on his way to a career full of records and historic accomplishments. It is for that fact that he is on his way to making history off the field with a new contract extension.

According to Alden Gonzalez of, the Angels and Trout have agreed to a six-year extension.

The Angels and superstar center fielder Mike Trout are close to finalizing a six-year contract extension that’s worth slightly more than $140 million, industry sources told on Friday.

The deal, which would buy out Trout’s three arbitration years and his first three years of free agency, includes no additional option years.”

Shortly after Gonzalez’s report, the team announced the deal as official.

Trout is only 22 years old. No pre-arbitration player has ever earned a deal anywhere near this, as Trout himself was the first pre-arb guy to break $1 million with his one-year extension earlier this off-season.

Relative to his production, some might feel this is a bargain for Trout. Maybe it is, but it is hard to argue with Trout’s decision to take such a deal. He is getting paid huge money much sooner than any player ever has and will still hit free agency in his prime as a 28-year-old outfielder.

If Trout continues on the current trajectory of his career, the deal he will be in line for in his prime will be grand indeed. For now, Trout will break another precedent, something he has had a tendency to do thus far in his young career.

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