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Detroit Lions only willing to trade up for Sammy Watkins or Jadeveon Clowney

The Detroit Lions are one of a number of teams that are sitting outside of the top of the draft but may want to move up. While trading up has been commonplace in drafts before, the depth of this year’s class has prompted many to consider just sitting still where they are and not moving around.

It’s clear that there are a handful of home run prospects in the draft but it appears that there are only two that the Lions would be willing to sell high for and move up. If Sammy Watkins or Jadeveon Clowney begin to fall, then we could see some action from the Lions.


With trading up, there is a cost/benefit analysis that has to go on as well. Trading down is a bit easier, mostly because you’re at least gaining more picks in that area. But I think it would take a lot and the right player for it to happen. The only one in the draft I could see the team moving up for is receiver Sammy Watkins — unless somehow Jadeveon Clowney slips to No. 5 or something.

The bottom line is no one wants to move up in the draft unless they have to and the players that teams would want to trade up for are coveted by almost everyone. There’s no way to predict what will happen, but the Lions moving up is a possibility, albeit a slim one.

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  • A.C. Roper

    I would move up for any one of the players Sammy Watkins or Jadeveon Clowney my one plus a 2 but that would not be enother so I would pass.

  • Chris Wyman’s Sport Page

    Khalil Mack is the best player in this draft not Clowney or Watkins

    • DiamondBackPain

      No he is not.

    • William Rhoads

      Not even close I take Barr over him!

  • William Rhoads

    we should move up for Watkins he is way better then any WR in the draft! We now have 9 picks this year so we can move up given a first and a third and still have a 2 two 3 round picks the rest would be 6 and 7rds !