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Redskins’ Jason Hatcher in Twitter battle with Cowboys fans

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher burnt a lot of bridges with former fans when he signed with their rival, the Washington Redskins. Some of those fans bravely took to Twitter to voice their feelings, and Hatcher had fun responding to them.

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  • Earl Robertson

    All about the Benjamin’s what wrong with everything nowadays. That is why the cowboys of the 70s and early 90 a will always be my favorite players

  • SmartThinking

    The game is played differently these days. There’s precious little team loyalty past a player’s rookie contract. Look around the league and count the number of mercenaries. I understand the concept of making as much as possible in the few years most NFL players have in the game. But, that doesn’t make it any easier to see a favorite player jump ship to a division rival. Alas … for the good old days …

  • David

    I have just three questions. Why are Cowboys fans even bothering with this moron Hatcher. Why is Hatcher wasting his time on twitter even responding to people. And lastly why is Fansided even making this joke news.